A smartphone for the paranoid has appeared, in which you can physically disable the camera, microphone and headphone jack

From now on, smartphone users aspiringto preserve confidentiality and prevent the possibility of eavesdropping and surveillance, they will be able to use PinePhone devices, which provide the ability to disable many modules, including cameras, a modem or a microphone.

Research on PinePhone smartphones thatwent on sale back in early 2020, conducted by Android Police. As a result, when removing the cover of the smartphone, experts identified six switches that will help the user to fully control their device.

Six physical switches allow you to disconnectmodem module, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microphone, rear and front cameras, and headphone jack. Thus, a smartphone running Linux can be controlled at the hardware level, in contrast to Android and iOS devices that offer this feature only at the software level.

Source: androidpolice