The first video of unpacking and testing the Spot dog robot appeared (video)

Sometimes high-tech companies createdevices are amazing and frightening in their capabilities. One of these devices was the robot Robot Spot, created in the bowels of Boston Dynamics and recently entered the open market. Now everyone can enjoy playing with a mechanical dog, and developers can create original applications for the practical use of Spot in industry, for entertainment or in medicine. It is such a pleasure "just" 74.5 thousand dollars.

The first consumers have already received a dog-shaped robot. Unbox Therapy's YouTube channel shows the genuine joy, surprise, and enthusiasm of a user who first spotted Spot.

Boston Dynamics has packaged its product inoriginal and reliable plastic suitcase. The dog-robot arrives to the consumer already assembled, with a battery that simply needs to be installed inside the Spot. Then the device is ready to work. Robopez is controlled using a remote control similar to the controller for game consoles and supplied with the robot.

Spot will be able to work after activationboth under user control and in stand-alone programmable mode, avoiding obstacles. Spot also can climb stairs. Out of the box, Spot is capable of performing only basic basic tasks. To perform specific functions, Boston Dynamics offer additional devices or developers can create their own devices for using Spot in solving special problems.