Real photos of a working Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone appeared (3 photos)

Leading high-tech companies continueto develop the market for smartphone models with two screens. Microsoft in the near future intends to present the expected Surface Duo smartphone running Android. Microsoft representatives are constantly reporting new details about the device. So in early July, Panos Panay's product director for Twitter posted a real image of the Surface Duo. Now another Microsoft executive, VP Frank Shaw, has also posted a series of photos on Twitter revealing the device's capabilities.

From the photos showing the Surface Duo,you can get information about how the device works in multitasking mode, as well as see the work of the Surface Pro X branded electronic pen designed to work with a smartphone.

Almost all technical characteristicsThe Surface Duo is already known to the community. So the screen, consisting of two 5.6-inch displays, when unfolded will have a diagonal of 8.3 inches. The smartphone will be equipped with one 11 megapixel camera, which will serve as both the front and the main camera.

The Surface Duo's hardware is powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor and gets 6GB of RAM with 64 storage onboard. 128 or 256 GB, depending on the modification.

Surface Duo smartphone will usea special version of the Android 10 operating system designed for dual-screen devices. It is expected that the sale of the smartphone at an as yet unannounced price will begin next month.