Why are tropical islands shaped like rings?

Atoll is a coral island thatIt is located mainly in the warm tropical or subtropical zones of the planet. Because of its picturesque nature, it is the nature of the atolls that is associated with paradise relaxation among the majority of the population of planet Earth. In addition, such natural formations have their own unique feature - they almost always have a round shape. What caused this phenomenon and how can it be explained?

Kwajalein - the largest atoll in the world

Why are atolls ring-shaped?

According to the great natural scientistCharles Darwin, the atoll is nothing more than what remains after the flooding of the island. According to his theory, corals settle near the rocky shores of the land, which gradually go into the depths of the sea. When part of the coral goes under water, they die, gradually turning into lime. The formed calcareous platform begins to lead a new life, becoming the habitat of new generations of corals, which over time begin to reach higher and higher towards the light. By the time the island is completely submerged, the corals manage to form a ring with an inner lagoon.

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Modern scientists believe that atolls are mostlyits mass is formed on the site of islands of volcanic origin. Thus, the most famous resort in the world - the Maldives, is formed precisely from atolls, coral islands and coral reefs. All of them hardly rise above the surface of the Indian Ocean: it is known that the highest point of the Maldives is the point of Addu. For your better understanding, the slide is only 2.4 meters high.

Atoll formation pattern

Of the 1,200 Maldives currentlyonly 200 are populated, the rest are used in tourism and agriculture. Despite this, all the Maldivian islands are a unique formation, the analogues of which simply do not exist, if we consider it in terms of biological diversity.

Maldives - a paradise on Earth

Despite its natural picturesqueness,Maldives atoll may disappear in the near future. Due to global warming, the level of the oceans is gradually rising, flooding the shores of the paradise islands. The date of the complete disappearance of the islands varies: someone believes that the Maldives can disappear after about 100 years, and someone believes that after 30. In order to survive the apocalypse, Maldivian entrepreneurs are already developing the New Maldives.

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In particular, there is already an activeconstruction of the world's first underwater restaurant Ilthaa Undersea. It is still unknown whether all the inhabitants of the Maldives will go under water. At the same time, we will be able to see a solution to this issue in the next few decades.