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Why do people like round numbers?

Imagine the situation when you entered the store andsaw two delicious chocolates. One of them is on sale at a 90% discount, while the other can be bought for 91.27% less. It would be quite logical if you bought a second chocolate, because that way you will obviously spend a little less money. However, American scientists are sure that most people would choose the first sweetness - just because they like the "round" number better. And it doesn't matter that buying a second chocolate bar is a more profitable action. Scientists learned about this strange behavior of human thinking during a scientific experiment in which thousands of people participated. During the tests, many of the volunteers did show more confidence and love for the "round" numbers. According to scientists, the creators of various advertisements and healthcare representatives should handle numbers with greater responsibility - with the help of them, you can control people's thinking.

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The phenomenon in which the form of presentation of information strongly affects its perception by a person is called the framing effect.

People's favorite numbers

An unusual discovery by American scientists wastold in the scientific journal ScienceAlert. 1552 people took part in this six-part study. They had to answer questions in different forms, in which it was necessary to make a choice between round numbers and exact ones - just like in the example with chocolate at the beginning of the article. For unexplained reasons, most people have expressed a great love for numbers ending in strictly zero. And the volunteers reacted to the exact numbers with distrust and, in most cases, tried not to deal with them.

The largest number in the world consists of 24,862,048 digits

Observations have shown that accurate indicators like91.27% even annoy people to some extent. When the volunteers saw the exact numbers, they took a significant pause - a complex thought process was clearly launched in their heads. And when people saw a round figure like 90%, there was no pause. There is an assumption that it is simply easier for all of us to perceive more rounded indicators than extremely accurate ones with fractions of a percentage. That is why some people may choose a smaller discount - the brain accepts it more easily.

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People management

According to economist Gaurav Jainfrom Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, advertisers and health officials should be more attentive to the numbers published in the reports. The attitude of people towards new statements can directly depend on what numbers are used in the statements - rounded and accurate. When it comes to something important, it is clearly worth using rounded indicators so that more people pay attention to the news.

People often prefer rounded numbers, and science has proven this.

Someday scientists will still manage to createvaccine against coronavirus and it will be necessary to attract the attention of as many people as possible. But this is not enough - the vaccine should inspire confidence in people. So, instead of writing about 91.27% effectiveness of the new coronavirus drug, it would be more logical to indicate 90% effectiveness. In fact, there is no lies, because the difference in numbers is small. But more people will believe in the new vaccine.

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On the other hand, the research results from now oncan be used by advertisers. Such moves have been used for a long time - have you noticed that on the price tags instead of some 1000 rubles, the price is 999 rubles? The difference is one ruble, but for many people this price tag seems more attractive - our brain is designed in such a way that in this case 999 seems to us closer to 900 than to 1000. There is a feeling that choosing a product for 999 rubles, a person saves a lot.

Marketers are constantly playing with prices and often we don't even notice the catch

There is another trick - some manufacturerspour milk, juices and other similar products into liter bottles. Although only about 900 milliliters are inside. Thus, they can get more profit from the sale of products and at the same time do not deceive customers, because the label clearly says - 900 milliliters.

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In general, marketers today know a lottricks with which you can get people to buy even what they don't need. Scientists from Princeton University (USA) studied these methods in 2019, and Nikolai Khizhnyak, the author of, spoke about the results of their observations. The founder of the site and the editor-in-chief also shared their observations in the article, so I strongly recommend that you read the article.