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Why are teeth not bones?

For some people, the fact that teeth are notare bones can be big news. Teeth and bones are tissues of the human body, have high strength and are colored white. But this is where their similarities end and there is nothing more in common between them. It may sound unexpected, but teeth are more skin than bones. And the reason for this is the composition of tissues, their structure and other features. Within the framework of this article, I suggest you find out what is the difference between teeth and bones, which of them is stronger and what changes will occur to a person if bones completely disappear from his body. We don't even realize it, but bones are one of the most important parts of our body and without them we simply could not exist.

Contrary to what some people think, teeth are not bones.


  • 1 Composition of teeth and bones
    • 1.1 What are teeth made of?
    • 1.2 What are bones made of?
  • 2 What is inside the tooth and bones?

Composition of teeth and bones

The first step is to talk about the composition of the teeth andbones. Despite the same appearance and relatively the same physical properties, these tissues of the human body have a different composition. They also have their own unique properties. Tooth enamel is very durable, which cannot be said about bones. But the bones of the skeleton are able to recover from a fracture, which the teeth cannot boast of.

What are teeth made of?

Teeth are mainly composed of various minerals like phosphorus and calcium. The outer shell of the tooth is called enamel and this is the strongest tissue in humanorganism. Enamel is of epithelial origin, that is, initially it is a tissue of cells tightly pressed against each other. The cells from which strong enamel is formed are called enameloblasts... Once formed, the tooth enamel cannot be restored. That is why teeth do not grow together when broken.

Enamel is needed to protect teeth from damage

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What are bones made of?

Bones are composed of living and growing tissue, referred to as collagen... It is essential for making bones flexible. The space between the collagens is filled with calcium, which gives the bones strength. Flexibility and strength are necessary for our skeleton in order to withstand the loads that it experiences throughout a person's life. And without a skeleton, a person simply could not live. Not only is he would lose weight by as much as 15%, but also could not walk... If people could live without a skeleton, we would just slowly crawl on the ground, using exclusively the muscles of the body.

The skeleton is the skeleton of the human body

What's inside the tooth and bones?

The difference between teeth and bones also lies in what is inside them. Inside each tooth is the so-called pulp - connective tissue, which containsnerves, arteries and veins. The pulp fills the entire internal cavity of the teeth and extends to the jaw bone. When the enamel is damaged, the nerves in the pulp become irritated, which causes severe pain. But sometimes pain is not only due to tooth decay. It so happens that the enamel simply becomes thin and the person experiences unpleasant sensations due to hot or cold drinks and air.

Toothache is due to nerves in the pulp. Sometimes these nerves are removed

And inside the bones is the bone marrow, whichplays an important role in the production of blood cells. Also, many arteries go to the bones, which feed them with blood. Finally, bones are considered the largest store of calcium and phosphorus.

Here are a couple more obvious differences between teeth and bones that we don't even think about:

  • we need teeth so that we can make various sounds, while bones can squeak at most;
  • human teeth are exposed and help convey emotion and have an aesthetic function, while bones are hidden under the skin.

All these features are relevant for animals as well. In their bodies, teeth are also not bones, and there are no exceptions in this regard and there have never been.

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