Toyota ceiling robot will help the elderly (video)

Modern medicine leads to steady growthhuman life expectancy. According to statistics, the age group of people over 65 is growing most dynamically. Elderly people, meanwhile, require increased attention and special care. Toyota, which has been working on the creation of special robots for many years, seeks to solve this problem. The company's engineers offer an original solution, placing robots on the ceiling, which will facilitate their work in confined spaces.

Standard living space of the modern personoverloaded with furniture and household appliances. Therefore, when using traditional robots, problems with the movement of mechanisms can arise. Developers at Toyota are proposing ceiling-mounted robots, changing traditional design principles for mechanical assistants. Ceiling robots already exist for operating dishwashers.

Outwardly, the ceiling robot resembles a bat,lurking on the ceiling. However, the frightening appearance at first is compensated by the high efficiency of the device. Ceiling robots are being developed at a 2015 California research center. Research has already received funding of $ 1 billion.

Preliminary "training" of ceilingrobotic assistants are carried out in virtual space. This principle is used in the design of many robots, but they are primarily intended for use in laboratories or in manufacturing. Toyota engineers are striving to reorient their robots to help older people solve simple everyday issues. Instead of replacing humans, the paramount challenge for Toyota robots will be to empower them and make it easier to do hard, repetitive physical work.

Ceiling robots are currently usedin a research center for the design of smart homes of the future, in which a mechanical assistant can be entrusted with solving many everyday social problems.

Source: theverge