Buyers of M.Video-Eldorado handed over for processing more than 4 thousand tons of electronic waste

According to M.Video-Eldorado, since the launch in 2019 of the program for the disposal of old

electronic equipment buyers handed over todisposal of 4.6 thousand tons of electronic waste. Thus, through the efforts of the program participants, it was possible to prevent more than 100,000 pieces of old equipment from entering the landfills, which is comparable to a fully loaded train of 50 wagons. So, only in the current year, in the first seven months, the buyers of the network sent more than 800 tons of electronic waste for licensed processing, including 33 tons of used batteries. It is noted that this is more than 10 times higher than the first year of the recycling program. Also, M.Video-Eldorado sent about 1 ton of old equipment from its own office and 1.2 thousand tons of packaging from goods for recycling. The company aims to recycle up to 85% of its own waste. It is reported that the ability to access the correct disposal service is available in 70% of the chain's stores.