Showing real photos of Starlink Internet receivers from Ilona Mask (3 photos)

SpaceX, successfully launching batchessatellite project Starlink, is already starting to test the Internet broadcasting system for terrestrial users. The program for the formation of preliminary applications for connection to the Starlink system also begins. For the effective operation of the Ilon Mask system, a system of ground stations relaying the signal from satellites should be created on Earth.

The design of ground receivers is stillthe most mysterious part of the Starlink project. However, the user of Reddit Darkpenguin22, published images that are likely to become the first public image of ground-based devices connected to the squadron of StarX space satellites broadcasting the Internet.

Pictures taken using a telephoto lenshigh power. From the photographs shown, it can be concluded that the receiving device will consist of two parts. The first is a large fairing with a diameter of 1.5 meters, which protects the electronic devices of the ground station located inside. The second part of the system is user terminals, which Elon Musk previously advertised as "UFO on a stick."

According to the founder of SpaceX, the receiving antennawill cost the user $ 200. However, experts, discussing well-known information about the future system, believe that expensive components will be used in the receiver, the cost of some of them will exceed $ 1,500. So far, the Starlink project is far from practical implementation and does not allow to find out the cost of equipment and the monthly fee for the user.

Previously, developers from SpaceX reported that the firstStarlink’s webcast phase consists of placing a squadron of 1,600 satellites in orbit at an altitude of 550 km. To realize its goals, SpaceX launches two launches of groups of 60 satellites every month. After the constellation of 800 Starlink satellites is placed in orbit, the company will begin testing Internet broadcasting. The Starlink ground-based repeater system will solve the problem of delivering the Internet to a specific user.

Source: businessinsider