Microsoft Surface Duo unboxing video shown (3 photos + video)

Start of official sales of a smartphone with twoMicrosoft Surface Duo screens will launch in less than two times, on September 10, but bloggers are already actively unpacking the device. The Android Authority resource has presented a video that demonstrates packaging unusual for a smartphone and tells about what else Microsoft has supplied with the Surface Duo.

First of all, attention is drawn to the hugeSurface Duo packaging box that is comparable in size to Ultrabook packaging. After opening the outer packaging, a lid appears, which shows the wallpaper of the smartphone's home screen. On the inside of the cover there are pictures of the device, as well as a pocket for standard documentation.

The Microsoft Surface Duo package included an 18W fast charger, USB Type-C cable, silicone bumper and Surface EarBuds wireless headphones.

The author of the video compared the dimensions of the Surface Duo smartphonewith a diagonal of each screen 5.6 inches, with a standard smartphone. At the same time, he noted that the smartphone can be easily operated in both landscape and portrait orientations, thanks to proprietary hinges that allow the device to be opened 360 degrees. In this case, the screens can be fixed at any angle in relation to each other. With a folded thickness of 4.8 mm, and folded - 9.6 mm, the smartphone can be easily stored in your pocket. As a reminder, the Surface Duo will be priced at $ 1,399.

Source: androidauthority