The winner of the reality show "Space Hero" will go into space on the ISS

Successful launch of SpaceX Crew Dragon mission,Heralding the return of the United States to manned space travel, inspired private companies in America to unusual experiments. One of these projects is the world's first reality show Space Hero, the winner of which will be able to steam into space.

The Space Hero show will be hosted byco-named Space Hero, which has already announced it has acquired a space rocket seat for a flight to the International Space Station in 2023. People living in any country in the world will be able to participate in the selection.

A selected group of participants will pass a specialtraining, during which the situations will be simulated necessary to test their physical, intellectual and emotional preparation. These qualities are extremely necessary for an astronaut in space.

The culmination of the competition was an episode broadcastlive all over the world, where viewers from different countries can vote for the member they want to see in space. Then the winner's takeoff procedure will be recorded, his stay on the ISS for 10 days together with professional astronauts traveling at a speed of 270 thousand km per hour, making 16 revolutions a day in orbit around the Earth. The final episode of the show will be a recording of the day the expedition returned to Earth.

The Space Hero winner is expected to travel toflight on a SpaceX Dragon rocket. Space Hero, positions itself as the first space media company. The project is being promoted in partnership with Axiom Space, the manufacturer of the world's first privately funded commercial space station - a module for the ISS, where private astronauts can stay.

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