The pirate sued the copyright holder $ 4,500

Intellectual property litigation sometimescome to an unexpected ending. An Internet pirate, against whom a lawsuit was filed by the company that created the movie “Criminal”, unexpectedly turned out to be the winner himself and the court sentenced him to pay him 4.5 thousand dollars.

Common practice for film companiesfines from pirates who illegally downloaded copies of films on the Internet failed. Criminal Productions, which created the movie Criminal, sued Darren Brinkley, accusing him of illegally downloading through BitTorrent and distributing copies of the movie. Along with Brinkley, another 31 people were charged with piracy.

During the trial, Darren refusedfrom the settlement of the dispute and payment of compensation, and he himself filed a counterclaim to cover legal costs. At the same time, the statement stated that the film company did not have the right to file an unreasonable lawsuit, which led to legal costs in the amount of more than 62 thousand dollars.

According to Brinkley’s attorneys, CriminalProductions acted as a copyright troll, filing a multiple lawsuit against several people at once, hoping to receive funds from the settlement of the dispute. Now, by court order, Criminal Productions should pay Brinkley $ 4,420.

Source: torrentfreak