First look at the photo capabilities of the iPhone 12 mini (12 photos)

Almost immediately after the start of sales itselfsmall smartphone iPhone 12 mini, from Apple's 2020 lineup, experts have published the first reviews on a compact device that works on hardware and with cameras, the same as in older models. In addition to the battery life, which was not very pleasing to users, the capabilities of the cameras to take high-quality pictures were studied.

The iPhone 12 mini has the same cameras asas the base iPhone 12. This is a 12MP primary wide-angle camera with f / 1.6 aperture for more light in combination with a slightly weaker 12MP ultra-wide camera. Unlike the Pro models, there is no telephoto lens and no LIDAR sensor.

Experts note that the iPhone 12 minitakes quite high-quality photos in low light conditions, which is ensured by the Deep Fusion algorithm on the A14 Bionic processor, which guarantees high detail in low light. Using Deep Fusion allows neural networks to transform literally every pixel of a photo taken in the dark.

Thus, despite the small size,smartphone iPhone 12 mini takes quite high-quality pictures in any conditions. Among the few shortcomings of the smartphone's photo capabilities, a weak front camera and the appearance of optical noise when shooting with an ultra-wide-angle sensor were noted.

Source: mydrivers