The first Mac computers on ARM processors will be shown in November

This week Apple will hold its second in the fall2020 presentation of new products and will present the expected line of smartphones iPhone 12, as well as a modified version of the HomePod mini smart speaker for $ 100. However, according to the authoritative publication Bloomberg, this season of presentation of new products from Apple will not end. Already next month, the company will present computers based on proprietary ARM processors.

This information was received by a well-known insider andBloomberg expert Mark Gurman. Previously, the specialist provided reliable news from Apple more than once, receiving them from sources in the company. It was Gourmet who first suggested that the iPhone 12 lineup would be shown at Apple's second presentation in October, rather than September, which unveiled the new iPad Air and iPad and the Series 6 smartwatch.

First announcement of Apple's plans to go fullythe use of proprietary ARM processors in Mac computers instead of Intel CPUs was announced at WWDC in June. Then the head of Apple Tim Cook called these plans historic for the company. Due to the importance for Apple of switching to its own processors, it was decided to separate the presentation of new computers into a separate event, which will be held in November 2020.

The first computer to haveuse proprietary ARM processors, there will be a MacBook Pro with a 13-inch screen. The computer will use SoC A14X, a modification of the A14 processor used in the iPad Air and the iPhone 12 line. The processor is manufactured using a 5nm process technology.

Gourmet's speculations in fullcorrespond to the insider information of another popular analyst Min Chi-Kuo, who also said that following the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the company will present an iMac with a diagonal of 24 inches on an ARM processor.

Currently, according to unofficial informationApple is working on three modifications of the Apple A14 and is developing the next A15 platform, which will be used in the 2021 iPhone smartphones. The first SoC platforms for Mac will have 12 cores, a graphics core and a Neural Engine for machine learning.

According to experts, MacBook computersARM-based MacBooks will not only be more powerful than Intel-based MacBooks, but also significantly more energy efficient, which will increase battery life. The developers also promise that on computers with ARM processors it will be possible to work with applications created for the old architecture. The process of finalizing applications for new processors will take only a few days.

Moving to a new architecture for ARM processorsshould be completed in two years and by 2022 all computers released by Apple will be running on new branded chips. This is the third time this architecture change has occurred in Apple's history. For the first time in the 90s, Apple switched from Motorola chips to IBM PowerPC. Then, in 2005, Apple computers switched to Intel CPUs.

Source: bloomberg