About the jambs of the iPhone 14 and the endless patience of Apple fans

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Any person interested in technology and mobile devices in recent

years could notice one trend.In the age-old rivalry between the worlds of Apple and Android, those who are on the side of Android get a lot louder when they think companies release the “wrong” phones.

Take for example the Pixel 6, the first real"Googlephone", which, even months after the release, remained the focus of bugs. Some were quickly fixed, but the long list of problems Google had to deal with left some Pixel fans no choice but to buy a device from another company.

In turn, Apple rarelyreleases a new iPhone that does not require a Day 1 update to function properly. The iPhone 14 series just came out, and of course, when you unbox the brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max, you are prompted to install iOS 16.0.1. Add to that the eSIM fiasco, when Apple laughed heartily at American users by ditching the physical SIM entirely. And where, you ask, is the people's anger?

What if?..

Weird startup glitches and Apple's slow transitionto create your own virtual operator (in fact, this is unlikely) are not the only problems that iPhone 14 users are experiencing. Recently, it seems that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have a combination of some kind of software and hardware problems, due to behind which the lens of the main 48-megapixel camera vibrates uncontrollably. At first, it was said that this only appears in a number of third-party applications, such as Snapchat and Instagram*. But in one case, the iPhone 14 Pro camera could not focus even when using the stock iOS Camera app (Apple released iOS 16.0.2 to fix this issue.)

But what would happen if the same shenaniganswould do in Samsung? Not just an eSIM-only phone announcement, but getting the same kind of backlash we're seeing right now. Some even tweeted that they could no longer stay with a regular or virtual operator that they had been using for years. And all because eSIM support is not as widespread as you might think.


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Or imagine if Motorola or Nothinglaunched a new phone with an exorbitantly high price, but at the same time they would have the same problems as the latest iPhone from Apple. There would be a bunch of articles where the authors would wonder about the end of these companies, with memes and jokes about how Samsung will gain even more market share, while these companies would be compared to LG.

Samsung represented it very well anddid the smart thing with the $1,800 Galaxy Z Fold 3. Initially, Samsung did not add eSIM support out of the box for some carriers for most of the year. And if you needed to use an eSIM, it was a bit of an inconvenience for a while, but it wasn't particularly critical because you had a physical SIM for insurance.

Did Apple have a ride?

Explanation of why the outrage against Applenot so loud and noticeable, may lie in the plane of the notorious ecosystem. And now it's not about the fact that it is easier to convince an iPhone user that he is "holding" the device incorrectly. The fact is that if there is a problem with the iPhone, there are Apple stores where you can diagnose and exchange. Even if you don't have an Apple Store nearby, there are Apple Authorized Repair Partners, and it's likely that any user will have one nearby.

In the Android world, things are different.There are very few regular, offline Samsung stores. There are only two physical Google Stores. Companies think that users have enough of their own support, which has its pros and cons, or they can only hope that there is an authorized repair shop nearby. But they may not even be aware of such a possibility, if we are not talking about those who understand mobile devices, but about the most ordinary users.

Everything turns out that, as in the saying aboutJupiter and bull, Apple is really allowed to release new smartphones with software and possibly hardware defects. It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it's a fact: one of the richest companies in the world, apparently, is not able to keep its promises, even in terms of software. Yes, including the delayed release of iPadOS 16, as Stage Manager is a total mess that should never have been announced, and probably shouldn't be released until next year.

To endure or not to endure?

When it comes to confronting Apple andAndroid manufacturers, we often talk about fierce fans, but how many people without any ideological commitment to the brand use Apple products simply because it is convenient and familiar to them. Due to the presence of the same ecosystem, and not specifically because of the cameras or the isolation of iMessage. Android and iOS play different roles and have different reputations, but we're still talking about smartphones that theoretically allow us to do the same thing. However, the best Android smartphones offer features that cannot even be imagined on the iPhone. So, when you have a phone with a folding screen in your hands, it cannot but strike you, because wherever you go, you carry a portable workstation with you. Without being at the workplace, you can simply unfold your smartphone and get to work.

Restrained reaction of the vast majorityusers on the growing number of problems with the iPhone 14 series is a bit surprising. Apple is ruining its reputation, and it's only a matter of time before Tim Cook calls a surprise press conference to tell people they're misusing their phones. In fact, this most likely will not happen, we are more likely to see a press release that was edited more than a hundred times before being published in Apple Newsroom.

One question:if the Pixel 6 can't have problems in its first year of release, why can the iPhone 14? And why is the indignation of the latter's buyers more like a dull murmur, and not a full-fledged crusade? Who knows.

*Meta Platforms, which includes the social networks Facebook and Instagram, has been recognized as an extremist organization and banned in the Russian Federation.