The next presentation of the Sony PlayStation 5 console will take place on September 16 (2 videos)

Already next Wednesday, September 16 at 23-00 Moscow timegamers around the world will be able to get comprehensive information about Sony's plans to bring to the market the next generation of PlayStation 5 consoles. It is highly likely that the event will announce the start date of the console's official sales, as well as the official prices for the base PS5 console and its "truncated" junior version.

The presentation will take place online inlive on Twitch or YouTube. According to the company, the bulk of the 40-minute presentation focuses on game content from Sony game studio and third-party partners. The launch will be another "look at some of the great games" coming to PS5 at launch and beyond. The event will highlight the latest game updates from Worldwide Studios and Sony's world-class gaming application partners.

However, the main expectations of the communityrefer to the marketing policy of Sony and relate to the timing of the start of sales of new consoles and their prices. A retaliatory strike against Microsoft, which just last week announced its intentions to sell the base Xbox Series X for $ 500 and the younger version of the Xbox Series S for $ 300 starting November 10, will be able to clarify the balance of power between the two giants. in the gaming market.

It is assumed that Sony, as well asMicrosoft, in addition to the main console, will bring to the market a cheaper version of the set-top box, which will lack a drive. In a parallel commercial, Sony continues to develop the idea of ​​the slogan "Game without borders".

Source: playstation