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You can assess the severity of pneumonia on the Internet, without tomography. What is needed for this?

The first cases of coronavirus in Moscowwere recorded in March 2020. Over the past months, Moscow doctors have been able to cure more than 500 thousand people. And in their databases, there are half a million case histories and medical records. Using the collected information, the staff of the Lomonosov Moscow State University have developed a neural network that can help people determine the extent of lung damage without undergoing computed tomography. The technology can be very useful in cities with a shortage of tomographs. Doctors can simply open a site with a so-called "CT calculator", indicate the patient's diseases, symptoms of the current disease, as well as the results of blood and urine tests. With just one button press, you can get information about the likely severity of pneumonia. And the most important thing, anyone can use the service.

It is possible to assess the likely severity of pneumonia without tomography.

Coronavirus in Russia

The first cases of coronavirus infection in Russiawere recorded at the end of January in Tyumen and Chita. But the cases of the disease were localized in time. A truly coronavirus pandemic in our country began in March, when infected people were found in Moscow. Some of them managed to infect their relatives and gradually the disease spread throughout the country. By mid-December, there are about 2.5 million infections in Russia. At the same time, the number of people who recovered is more than 2.1 million. As a rule, the success of treatment depends on how timely the disease was detected and measures were taken.

In 2020, we spent several months at home and this clearly affected our psyche.

Diagnosis of pneumonia

In some people, the coronavirus occurs in the lungform, but many develop pneumonia. This is the name of the inflammation of the lung tissue, which leads to severe damage to the respiratory system. The degree of lung damage can be assessed using computed tomography, in which a layer-by-layer image of the organ is taken. For 10 months, "machine vision" was used to search for damaged areas on tomography images. In simple terms, the artificial intelligence was trained to look for certain signs of lesions in old images and quickly found them in new images.

It looks like a tomography of the lungs

But recently, Russian scientists have developed"CT calculator" that can determine the severity of pneumonia even without tomography. The neural network was shown blood and urine tests, as well as data on the general clinical picture of people who had had coronavirus. Now, by going to the website, you can enter your data and find out the approximate level of lung damage. At the moment, the technology may not work accurately, but each time artificial intelligence is trained on new data and improves.

Screenshot of the site

To pass an assessment of the severity of pneumonia, you need:

  • indicate gender, age, and the presence or absence of coronary heart disease, diabetes and obesity;
  • indicate the presence or absence of symptoms such as shortness of breath and shortness of breath, cough, chest congestion and weakness;
  • indicate body temperature, respiratory rate and blood oxygen saturation.

The first part of the "questionnaire" is easy to pass.A pulse oximeter can be used to measure the oxygen level in the blood. This device can be bought for less than 1000 rubles at this link - in the current realities, the thing is necessary. We talked about how it works in this review.

This is what a pulse oximeter looks like

But in order to fill out the questionnaire further, you need to pass some tests. For example, it is recommended undergo PCR analysis, which is needed to identify pathogensinfectious diseases. This item is optional, but clearly improves the accuracy of the test. Urine tests are also optional, but blood test results are needed. Some items can be skipped, but the data on the number of lymphocytes, granulocytes and monocytes must be filled in.

Blood test results are needed to take the test

The service is open to everyone, but in fullonly employees of medical institutions will be able to use it. If the calculator reports a mild form of pneumonia, the patient will not need to undergo a CT scan, which will reduce the burden on hospitals. And when diagnosing a severe form of patients, it will be necessary to urgently hospitalize and conduct a tomography or X-ray for subsequent treatment.

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Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated developmenttechnologies. Many companies are working on means to prevent infections and treat dangerous diseases. At the moment, several vaccines against coronavirus have already been created, and Pfizer and Srutnik-V are considered one of the most promising of them.