Official Microsoft Surface Duo Guide Videos (Video)

Next week, September 10th, the market will beintroduced a new device from Microsoft, the Surface Duo smartphone with two screens. The ambiguous attitude of the community to the novelty, due to the high price and the unobvious advantage of two displays, forced the developers to carry out preparatory work with potential users. On the official YouTube page, on the eve of the presentation of the smartphone, videos have been published that tell about some of the new features of Surface Duo.

In total, seven short-livedinformational videos with instructions and practical recommendations from the developers. The training videos show how you can shoot video simultaneously with taking photos, it is described how double pressing the power button starts the camera. There are also examples of practical techniques for working with Surface Duo when changing the wallpaper, using voicemail, returning to factory settings. It also tells about the features of the smartphone charging system.

The Surface Duo smartphone will receive two displays withthe same diagonal of 5.6 inches and a total resolution of 2700 x 1800 pixels. When unfolded, the smartphone will have an 8.1-inch screen. The hardware is powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor, and autonomous operation is supported by two 3577 mAh batteries, one for each screen with support for 18W fast charging technology.
The official sale of the Surface Duo smartphone is scheduled for September 10. The price of a smartphone complete with a protective bumper will be $ 1399.

Source: mspoweruser