OnePlus founder manually assembled Nord smartphone (video)

The recently released OnePlus Nord smartphone has causedconsiderable interest from bloggers who began to actively test the device for strength, maintainability and camera capabilities. The management of OnePlus has decided to respond to the massive public showdown of the OnePlus Nord smartphone with an original, and at the same time, quite informative video.

Founder and CEO of KarlPei independently assembled the OnePlus Nord model in front of the camera, which once again proved his professionalism and simplicity of the smartphone design. Whether the heads of companies producing the closest competitors of OnePlus Nord, namely Apple (iPhone SE) and Google (Pixel 4A), can repeat the feat of the head of OnePlus, the future will show.

Based on the results of Karl Pei's work, one can makethe conclusion that OnePlus engineers have created an almost ideal smartphone for production, which can be assembled even by a person far from the assembly line. It should be noted that a sufficiently detailed video of the assembly can become an additional guide for users who risked independently disassembling - assembling a smartphone.

As a reminder, blogger testsshowed an average maintainability, which, according to the authoritative resource iFixit, deserves 6 out of 10 points. The OnePlus Nord failed and was broken in the flex test by Zach Nilson at JerryRigEverything.