Published "spy photos" of new Tesla battery cells (4 photos)

On the eve of the Battery Day conference, at whichTesla promises to showcase innovative designs for branded battery cells, first insider photos of Tesla's new battery cells have surfaced. The next series of batteries will be manufactured using top-secret Roadrunner technology.

The Roadrunner project aims to ensure the creation offundamentally new revolutionary batteries. Elon Musk, as usual, set ambitious, elusive goals for the developers. In particular, new batteries should provide a durability sufficient for 1 million 600 thousand km of total mileage, and cost less than $ 100 per kWh of capacity. At the same time, a special plant was built for the production of batteries and the development of the Roadrunner technology, located next to the automobile production at the factory in Fremont.

Electrek journalists received an insideran image of the cells of the new batteries, allegedly created using the Roadrunner technology. The photos were verified by another insider. Both sources insist on their anonymity. Tesla, meanwhile, keeps the technical parameters of future batteries in the strictest confidence, and only the upcoming Tesla Battery Day can open the curtain over it.

According to experts, presented at"Spy" photos battery cells receive a diameter that is twice the diameter of cells under the brand name 2170, produced for current Tesla batteries. Meanwhile, cells with cells of 2170 are unique in themselves. Based on them, lithium-ion cells with a nickel, cobalt and aluminum cathode (NCA) have been created, which have a record specific energy density of more than 700 Wh / dm3. The development of these batteries was carried out through a partnership program between Tesla and Panasonic. The current battery model is manufactured at Gigafactory1 in Nevada.

Internal volume of the battery cell, atincreasing the diameter by 2 times, increasing by 4 times, which allows you to significantly increase the capacity while reducing costs due to fewer cell shells and a decrease in the number of cells in the battery. As a result, the cost of building a car falls, and the range per battery charge increases.

Also back in May 2020, Tesla filed a patenton the technology of cells without printed contacts. Nowadays existing battery cells are a cathode and anode separated by a dielectric and twisted in a roll. In this case, the contacts from the cathode and anode are brought out to the outer part of the case, where current is supplied through the contact plates.

New battery circuit without contact plates,patented by Tesla, can reduce resistance and improve battery efficiency. Also, the technology of manufacturing batteries is greatly simplified and cheaper.

New cells will be produced atproduction line in Fremont. The development of production lines for the production of batteries is carried out by Grohmann Engineering (Germany), already acquired by Tesla and previously created production lines for the production of batteries for electric vehicles Daimler and BMW.

The new battery technology will be rolled out at the new Gigafactory 5 in Austin.

Source: electrek