SpaceX Falcon 9 onboard camera video published

In the last days of August, SpaceX brought toorbit Argentine satellite SAOCOM 1B, the mass of which is about three tons. The flight was attended by a Falcon 9 rocket, which had already been in space three times before. The mission to deliver SAOCOM 1B into space started from Cap Canaveral Air Force Base. After completing the task assigned to the Falcon 9, the first stage of the rocket successfully landed in the landing zone of the military base. SpaceX has posted on YouTube a full video of the flight, captured by the Falcon 9 onboard camera.

Geocentric Orbit Delivery ExpeditionThe SAOCOM 1B satellite was the first space mission launched from Florida southward since 1969. The flight trajectory passed over densely populated Cuba. The onboard camera began the filming process from the moment of launch, and now viewers of the SpaceX YouTube channel will be able to observe the entire flight of the Falcon 9 as if on board a rocket.

The video shows the operation of the engines in the processlaunch, then you can clearly see the periodic activation of the engines to perform maneuvers and turn the Falcon 9 to return to Earth. The landing process took place under the control of the expanded titanium lattice rudders, clearly visible on the video. Immediately before contact with the landing pad, the support mechanisms were released and the engine started to reduce the landing speed. The entire video of a real Falcon 9 flight takes just over 2 minutes.

Satellite SAOCOM 1B becomes the second in the programthe Argentine government and is designed to track Argentina's agricultural and forestry areas in order to prevent the effects of natural disasters. The first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket, which took part in the launch of the Argentine Space Agency's satellite, has successfully returned to Earth for the fourth time.

Source: slashgear