The cost of the Russian electric motorcycle Aurus Merlon has been announced

Russian car manufacturerrepresentative class Aurus shared new details on the release of the branded electric motorcycle Merlon. In particular, the company told how much the new product will cost approximately.

Aurus announced that the Merlon electric motorcyclewill be part of the Special Purpose Garage (GON) for an honorary escort in 2024. Thus, the first eight units will participate in the presidential inauguration ceremony after the 2024 elections. The company aims to produce a total of 40 motorcycles by the end of next year. Moreover, half of them will be equipped with a side trailer.

“The power plant will be available fora commercial version, but so far there is no appearance [of a commercial version], there is nothing else. In theory, the entire design is patented, certified, and passed all tests. The demand will be studied to see how interesting it is to the consumer. Maybe it will be a bagger or a streetfighter, there is no final concept yet. Among our main competitors we see motorcycles from Curtiss and, to a lesser extent, motorcycles like the Harley Davidson LiveWire,” said an Aurus representative.

The company emphasized that the price will be slightly lower,than similar Curtiss motorcycles. According to an Aurus representative, if Merlon were produced now, it would cost approximately 10–12 million rubles. Analogs from Curtiss cost about 14–15 million rubles.