Limit on mining ETH on GeForce RTX 3060 overcome (video)

The recent growth in the cryptocurrency market has broughtsignificant adjustments to the plans of video card manufacturers, which again fell into the category of the most scarce goods, as miners are actively buying up GPUs for the extraction of digital coins. NVIDIA even imposed a halving performance limit on the new RTX 3060 card when it discovered the hashing algorithm needed to mine Ethereum.

Since then, the Internet has constantly appearedmessages about miners circumventing the NVIDIA prohibition, leading to a decrease in hashing to 20 MH / s if a mining procedure is detected. Passport performance of the card is 40-45 MX / s. However, most of these statements were related to the mining of other cryptocurrencies, the restrictions on which were not introduced.

3060 crack eth drivers up to 45M

- Linmb (@ Bj3OfZG5Yt8qdlR) March 11, 2021
Now a message about bypassing the mining banEthereum has been confirmed from several sources at once. So the information was confirmed by PC Watch experts who reported that bypassing the ban did not require intervention in BIOS settings or driver modification. The issue is solved by changing the mining software itself.

NVIDIA Ban Bypass Data Confirmed Onvideo shown on the Internet, where enthusiasts achieve performance of over 40 MH / s. In addition, it claims to use a special NVIDIA WSL driver (470.05 BETA) for developers to bypass the ban.

Source: videocardz