The image of a man from the Stone Age was restored by a forensic scientist (4 photos)

Modern scientific methods and equipmentallow science to look into the past and get an idea of ​​what our ancestors who lived in Europe thousands of years ago looked like. Swedish forensic artist Oscar Nilson was interested in the mysterious burial of the Stone Age, discovered in 2012 during construction work. Using computed tomography (CT) of the skull, the scientist was able to obtain a three-dimensional copy of the face of a person who lived in Sweden more than 8000 years ago.

Mass grave was discovered on siteof the ancient shallow lake Kanaljorden, in the municipality of Motala in the east of central Sweden. To the scientists' surprise, all 10 skulls of adults and one child identified were without jaws, and two skulls were also set on a stake. On the territory of the settlement, compact mass graves of 14 brown bears and wild boars were also discovered.

For the reconstruction of an ancient residentin addition to CT, he used preserved genetic material and anatomical data. As a result, the scientist was able to form a 3D model of the bust of an adult resident of the Mesolithic era. It turned out to be a blue-eyed blonde with snow-white skin at the age of 50 years. It was especially difficult to restore the missing jaw of a person, the reconstruction of which was carried out according to the results of measurements of the skull.

Allegedly a man of the tribeengaged in hunting and gathering. Based on the found animal cemetery, Nilson concluded about the clothes of an ancient man, dressing him in the boar skin.

On a reconstructed bust of a medium-sized hunterStone Age centuries, healed wounds on the head are visible that were not the cause of death, but were carefully treated. A 1-inch traumatic wound on the skull showed signs of healing. It was to demonstrate this wound that Nielson presented the restored bust with a short haircut, adding that the ancient hairdresser could cut hair using a sharp flint tool.

Excavations of the grave of people without jaws, skullwhich are strung on a stake, can give new information about the culture of the burial of ancient people. Also interesting is the fact of the burial in the vicinity of people of several bears and wild boars.

Source: livescience

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