The price of memory cards from Seagate for Xbox Series X revealed (3 photos)

On the eve of the start of sales of game consoles XboxSeries S and Xbox Series X, Seagate has officially unveiled an external memory card for consoles that allows you to expand your device storage. According to Seagate, the data transfer rate between the external drive and the game console will not be inferior to the data transfer rate from the internal SSD-drive. This is achieved through the use of the new Xbox Velocity Architecture technology.

Seagate external storage for Xbox consolesSeries X | S will be available in a single 1TB variant. Microsoft took part in the development of the drive. To date, the presented card is the only external storage, the performance of which is sufficient to implement the technology Xbox Velocity Architecture.

Seagate Vice PresidentJeff Fotchman's Seagate Memory Card for Xbox Series X | S gives gamers the ability to store more game content that can be used at speeds comparable to internal storage.
Sale of memory cards Seagate for Xbox Series X | S 1 TB will start on November 10, 2020 at a price of 19,279 rubles. The device will be backed by a 3-year warranty.