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FiiO FD1 Headphones Review: Who Said Dynamic Drivers Are Everything?

Some headphone manufacturers are already tired themselveschase the number of different types of emitters that can fit into the body of in-channel models. Well, really, give them free rein, and here it would be exactly the same as with the cores in the processors of modern smartphones. Does this mean that all the "sound" juices have already been squeezed out of the good old dynamic emitter (the most popular)? But no. And FiiO decided to prove it by releasing FD1 headphones - one-driver dynamic in-channelmonitors. Headphones with dynamic emitters have become a rarity from well-known manufacturers of portable audio lately, so we couldn't miss the opportunity to get to know FiiO FD1 better.

FiiO surprises again with its ability to invent new things

New headphones that came out literally in thisyear, became the finishing touch of the FiiO trinity in the budget of up to $ 100. The manufacturer already had FiiO FA1 with armature radiator, as well as hybrid FiiO FH1s. By releasing fd1 with a beryllium coated dynamic driver, FiiO provided potential buyers with a very good choice. However, today we will focus on the new product.


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FiiO FD1 Specifications

  • Emitters: 1 × dynamic
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz - 40 kHz
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Sensitivity: 109 dB / mW
  • Cable: 1.2 meters, 2-pin - 3.5 mm minijack, interchangeable
  • Weight: 4.5g (one earphone without wire)

FiiO FD1 Review

When I first saw the FD1 box, I immediatelyremembered the previously released FiiO FH1s. The same black packaging made of thick cardboard with a magnetic latch and a photograph of the headphones themselves. Everything is stylish and restrained, like premium headphones costing from 20 thousand rubles and more (although this is not always the case with them).

The headphones are neatly packed, just below the package contents

What do I like FiiO, and what am I for in due timegot headphones from this manufacturer, so this is the package. She has never disappointed me with a set of different earbuds and accessories, and this time was no exception. The box included 3 sets of replacement ear pads in sizes S, M, L and one a couple of foam... Also included is a plastic case with a latch.

I immediately used the foam ear pads, but this is already a matter of taste

The kit includes such a carrying case

The cable is made of braided monocrystallinehigh purity copper. Mounts with 2-pin connectors and ends with 3.5mm angled plug. This method of fastening opens up wide possibilities of choosing some other cable, if you suddenly have such a need.

The cable is very stylish. And besides, removable, you can then replace it with another

FiiO also tried hard with the design of the headphones. You can spend hours looking at the internal structure of the case, since it has transparent inserts. The headphones themselves are made of plastic, and in some ways this is even good - they are practically not felt in the ears. Not so long ago I had aluminum reinforcing headphones on review, it was impossible to walk with them even for half an hour. fd1 is meant to be worn behind the ear, this gives a comfortable fit in the ear and a good hold when walking. If you wish, you can go in for sports.

The design of the headphones is very cool

I saw this design decision in headphones from Campfire Audio, but they cost 10 times more.

Headphones comfortable in landing (at least for me personally), thanks to the normal sound guide and ergonomic shape, they take "their place" immediately and without problems.

How FiiO FD1 Sounds

The manufacturer positions these headphones asstylistically and genreally versatile, so I decided to break away: I listened to everything from electronic music and lounge to hard rock and modern pop music. Fortunately, I'm a music lover by nature, and this did not become a serious test for me. The headphones were warmed up for 48 hours before listening.

Beryllium-coated dynamic driver provides frequency response 10 Hz to 40 kHz, and a specially designed excessive sound pressure relief system allows you to improve the sound. The driver is designed to deliver as much power as possible for punchy and rich bass.

The following was used for listening:

  • FiiO M5;
  • Apple MacBook Pro 2020;
  • High definition recordings in Lossless formats.

FiiO M5 has become my favorite

FiiO FD1 can be described as headphones with neutral feed... They are truly universal in genre andthis can reveal the details of each track. At the same time, the headphones are very sensitive to the sound source: after I picked up the FiiO M5, the difference in comparison with the sound of the same MacBook or iPhone (yes, the experiment took place) was felt immediately. The sound with the player turned out to be as detailed and technical as possible. It adds those colors to the sound that are lacking in other devices.

I really like the M5 form factor. Just what you need for jogging and walking

Low frequencies are pronounced, but they are notprevail, and due to this there is no feeling that the bass is about to burst the skull. The middle ones are detailed and natural, and the high ones are very well worked out, they have a certain length. Best of all, these headphones opened up with live music and pronounced vocals - still, for electronic music and house, I would probably choose the FiiO FH1s. But this is a matter of taste.

I love listening to the king of pop, what can I do

Several tracks as an example, so as not to be unfounded.

Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart. Which track is best for listeningvocals than a composition with a really strong voice and blues notes? I specially downloaded the full version (almost 12 minutes) from Lossless, the experience is incredible. This track allows you to feel all the advantages of FD1: there are parts with only vocals, there is a guitar solo for almost 2 minutes. As a result, I listened to it 3 times in a row.

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean. A true pop classic that neveris outdated. It was this track that made it possible to unleash the potential of headphones in high frequencies. How pronounced all the instruments are (considering that the recording was made a very long time ago), and it is difficult to convey something.

Imagine Dragons - Birds. The indefatigable "dragons" continue to be onthe peak of his career. One of the main punk bands of the new millennium does not deviate from its trademark frenzied guitar punch, and this combination suits FD1 very well.

Should you buy the FiiO FD1?

Definitely yes.

Behind 6 thousand rublesthat these headphones cost, you can find many options, but I would choose fd1. Firstly, this is the model with which FiiO challenged the others, showing that the dynamic drivers are still "hoo" and they can fry like they should. Secondly, for this money you will not always get such a rich package and foam ear pads. Thirdly, the headphones have a replaceable cable, which means they provide ample opportunities for customization. Well, besides, you can always take something like FiiO RC-BT or FiiO UTWS1 in addition and make them wireless (although I wouldn't do that).

If possible, be sure to listen to them beforepurchase, but I assure you they will not disappoint. FiiO "can make a cool sound" and once again showed it. And the absence of a strong markup for the brand allowed us to set a reasonable price for fd1.