Notebook Huawei Matebook 16s - a workstation for the designer and not only

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  • Contents of delivery
  • Specifications
  • For whom created Huawei Matebook 16s
  • Design,
    materials, comfort
  • Keyboard and touchpad
  • Display - portable monitor for work
  • Operating time, battery
  • Processor, performance, heat
  • Impression

Contents of delivery

  • Notebook
  • 135W charger (90W i7 model)
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Dimensions and weight 352 x 256 x 23 mm, 1.99 kilograms
Body materials Aluminum alloy body
Display 16 inches, IPS, 3:2 geometry, 2520x1680 pixels, 189 ppi, maximum brightness 400 nits, 1500:1, viewing angle 178 degrees
Up to ten simultaneous touches
operating system Windows 11 Home
Platform Intel® Core™ i9-13900H (TDP 45/115W), also available with 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-13700H Intel® Iris® Xᵉ Graphics
Memory 16 GB RAM
Wireless interfaces IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax, 160 MHz
2.4GHz / 5GHz / 6GHz
2×2 MIMO
Bluetooth 5.2
Keyboard Full-size QWERTY keyboard without numeric keypad
Sensors and connectors USB-A 3.2 Gen 1×2
USB-C × 1 (Supports data transfer, charging and DisplayPort)
USB-C × 1 (Thunderbolt™ 4, supports data transfer, charging and DisplayPort)
HDMI × 1
3.5mm headphone and microphone jack 2 in 1 × 1</ p>

Fingerprint sensor built into the button
Face unlock, Windows Hello

Front-camera 1080p, IR
Battery Li-Pol 84 Wh
Fast charge 135W, 50% in 50 minutes
Reverse wired charging (up to 10W)
PD 3.0
Degree of protection Not
Colors space gray
Sound Two speakers, two microphones
Price in Russia Price from 148 thousand rubles with i9, from 137,000 rubles with i7

For whom created Huawei Matebook 16s

The very architecture of modern computers createsthe illusion that they are practically indistinguishable from each other. The processors, the amount of memory, the diagonal of the screen vary, and that, in fact, is all. A picky shopper can dive into individual parameters, but by and large, they seem to be unimportant. Looking into a store or traveling through the pages of online stores, we quickly become discouraged - the difference between computers is illusory, and it seems that they are all plus or minus the same. The analogy is simple: all people are brothers and sisters, there are no differences between us. Can you imagine what an uninteresting world we would live in if everything was like this? That's not the case with computers, but behind the usual characteristics there are things that many do not delve into.

Let's start with the obvious - 16-inch models, andThe Matebook 16s has just such a screen, not the most compact, they are noticeably larger and heavier than conventional laptops with a 13 or 14-inch display. For comparison, the Huawei Matebook X Pro weighs 1.26 kilograms, while the same weight is 1.99 kilograms. Believe me, the difference is huge, and such a laptop is a replacement for a workstation, but not a portable solution. There are laptops that were originally designed for you to take with you every day, work on them in different conditions. And there are cars that, if necessary, are easy to put in a backpack and take somewhere, but it is not expected that you will carry them with you non-stop. This laptop is from exactly the same category - a workstation replacement.

You can not cut all people with the same brush,the statement as never accurately reflects the essence of the matter. Among those who need laptops with a large screen diagonal are people of various professions - programmers, designers, accountants, video editors. I will get tired of listing all possible professions, there are many dozens of them. But each profession has its own requirements for such a laptop, for example, accountants sleep and see the presence of a numeric keypad, it is vital for them. For a designer or someone who designs something in CAD programs, a large screen and a touchpad are more important. In a word, there is no ideal, and you always need to look under the hood, look for information, for whom the device was created, about whom the engineers were thinking.

It's no secret that there are many professions inwhich the accuracy of the image transmission on the screen is important, it is for this reason that they buy professional monitors with accurate color reproduction so that there are no discrepancies in how the picture looks when created or processed, with what customers see as a result. There are a million tricks to solve this problem, including reducing the cost of a set of monitor and computer. It was for people in such professions, where the quality of the image on the screen is important, that the Matebook 16s was created - perhaps these are graphic designers, people working with video and its processing, those who create visual content. And this, of course, is not a complete list.

Since the laptop is quite large, this is a replacementworkstation, moreover, it is a compact studio for working with video and photos on the road (other solutions are simply huge and lose in compactness). Let's look at the individual aspects of the laptop and evaluate them.

Design, materials, comfort

The laptop looks neat in the pictures, but the picture does not give an idea of ​​the size of the device - look at it in comparison with a Huawei phone.

For simplicity, let's round the weight up to 2 kilograms, whichquite a lot for carrying a laptop with you every day to work. It is assumed that this is a replacement for a workstation - of course, not a stationary workplace, but close to it. And if you need to move somewhere within the office, then it will not be difficult. Grab a laptop and go. In the new reality, this is convenient for those who need limited portability, for example, in your office there are not assigned to each workplace, they can change. Or you need to show your project to the discussion of colleagues in the meeting room and not rely on the projector, which greatly distorts the colors.

Magnesium alloy body, no fingerprints, no scuffs, can be opened with one hand.

It does not stand on legs, but on strips of rubber, it does not crawl or slip.

On the left side there are two USB Type C connectors (aka Thunderbolt), HDMI and a 3.5 mm output, on the right side there are two USB Type A connectors. The fact that there are different connectors emphasizes the nature of the workstation.

Unlike X Pro, there are fewer microphonesand speakers, two and two. But this is quite enough to provide loud and clear sound, both for watching movies and for the same YouTube or your content.

Active cooling is necessary for such a powerfulprocessor, fans are visible on the underside, but most of the time they are very quiet, overclocked only under heavy load - this happened to me when converting 4K video longer than an hour. And then not immediately.

For those who are accustomed to small, practicallyweightless machines, this laptop will be too big, but again, everyone has different experiences and different goals, this machine hits a different audience, it should not be extremely compact.

Keyboard and touchpad

Open the lid (opening angle up to 145 degrees,at the same time, the viewing angle is up to 178 degrees for the screen), we see inside the keyboard, which is shifted to the screen. The scissors mechanism, the stroke of each key is 1.5 mm, everything is convenient and good, typing here is a pleasure. But with one caveat, for people of creative professions who type a lot of texts, models with a diagonal of 13 or 14 inches are more convenient, since you do not need to stretch your hands to the keyboard, your wrists lie comfortably on it. In 15-inch models and those with a larger screen, the hands are positioned differently, so that fast typing is possible, but not as convenient. This is a feature of large computers, from which there is no way to get rid of, their distinguishing feature.

The fingerprint sensor is built into the key on the right, it works quickly, no complaints.

The huge touchpad is convenient because you can easily use gestures, zoom pictures and more. There is nothing to complain about and nothing to regret.

Display - portable monitor for work

The key feature of the device is the display,its specifications, at first glance, look exactly the same as many other models, let's remember them: 16 inches, IPS, 3:2 geometry, 2520x1680 pixels, 189 ppi, maximum brightness 400 nits, 1500:1, viewing angle 178 degrees. Up to ten simultaneous touches, touch screen.

It seems that the display does not have outstandingcharacteristics, the same brightness of 400 nits does not look like a record, on the Matebook X Pro it reaches 500 nits. But there is one “little thing” that changes everything, and this is color reproduction.

Let's start with the fact that 100% sRGB is supported −well, but this does not surprise many, eka is unseen. Just like supporting 10-bit color (8 + 2 bit FRC) won't make you gasp, especially since content that supports 10 bits is required.

Huawei engineers have worked hard to achievethe most accurate color reproduction under any brightness conditions when working indoors (in the sun, this parameter does not play any role). To quote one of the company's materials: "Professional-level color reproduction with an average accuracy of ∆E<1."

Most laptop manufacturers do not payattention to this parameter, they do not highlight it in any way, because in order to achieve such color accuracy, you need to make remarkable efforts. In professional monitors, this value is less than one, and if it is more than two, then you will see with the naked eye how the colors on the display are distorted.

Today, image quality depends not only onhardware, but also from software, and not only from the application program, but also from the operating system, which can affect color reproduction. At the hardware level, you need to calibrate the matrix after production, which is what Huawei does. The professional standard for calibration is ICC, but it has a number of disadvantages, in particular, the color profile is stored in the operating system and the programs themselves must be able to work with it. Most professional graphics packages have these features, but other programs do not. And it turns out that the same picture, opened in two programs, on one monitor can look completely different.

Huawei decided to bet on technology3D LUT correction, it works at the hardware level and writes the color profile to the computer's BIOS. Even when installing the operating system, you will not lose the color profile, since it is registered in the hardware of the computer, your screen will always maintain accurate color reproduction. And this is the very feature that distinguishes the Matebook 16s from many devices. A laptop for those who work with color, pictures and video, requires accurate color reproduction and at the same time needs a compact device compared to the usual assembly of a computer and a monitor.

The downside of accurate color reproduction isthe fact that Huawei abandoned the anti-reflective coating, it distorts the color reproduction, so you can sometimes see yourself indoors on a black background. When there is a picture on the screen, there is nothing like that.

A brightness of 400 nits is enough for the eyes for most tasks, I can’t imagine what it might be needed in a room to turn the brightness even higher.

The presence of a touch screen component is interestingfor those who want to draw something by hand, use the stylus in the appropriate programs. And this is where it can work out well. I won’t talk about the screen anymore, as I need to talk about some other aspects of the device.

Operating time, battery

To begin with, the kit comes with a 135 W charger, it is monolithic, the cable cannot be removed, which was done for security reasons.

The built-in Li-Pol battery is 84 Wh, our measurements showed that in 50 minutes it can be charged halfway, the full charge time will be two hours. And these are good indicators.

Battery life is directly related towhat exactly are you doing, how are you loading the processor. When watching a video (screen brightness 80%, volume 60%), you will get about 7.5 hours of work. When typing - about 10 hours of work on a single charge (screen brightness 60%). Good indicators.

As soon as we move on to "heavy" tasks, wherethe processor works to its fullest (in battery mode, it does not give out everything it is capable of, it is worth remembering about this), it turns out from 2 to 2.5 hours of work. For example, when converting 4K video, you use the processor in such a way as to get such an operating time. In my opinion, all these indicators are adequate, they give a good idea of ​​​​how the laptop performs.

Processor, performance, heat

The cooling system here is pumped for largeloads when the laptop is threshing data, and you are most likely busy with other tasks. The laptop in question has a 13th generation processor, this is the i9 Core™ i9-13900H (there is an i7 option, also 13th generation). Such powerful processors are well suited to anyone who has complex data processing tasks of one kind or another.

Two fans start making noise, but not much.The maximum heating under load that we could see on the keyboard (heat dissipation in the central part) is 48 degrees (room temperature is 23 degrees). On the sides the temperature was about 32 degrees.

But you need to understand that such temperatures are possible only with a noticeable load, in normal modes the laptop does not warm up so noticeably.

The presence of such a productive processor gives a win in complex tasks, in this aspect the laptop fully justifies itself as a workstation.


There are no universal solutions in the world,so you need to understand who can suit Huawei Matebook 16s well. Definitely not for those who like to play computer games, there is no discrete graphics card, despite the overall performance of the system. But if you need a screen with very accurate color reproduction, then this computer may be right for you, it is designed to display visual content correctly. And it was as independent as possible from the operating system.

The cost of a laptop in a configuration of 16 GB / 1 TB withi9 processor - about 148 thousand rubles. It is impossible to apply the assessment “a lot or a little” here, by what criteria should a comparison be made? Take into it the quality of the screen and color accuracy, or is it not important for you? Take into account the time spent in office applications and the overall performance of the system, or pay attention to the fact that the laptop is large, which follows from the screen size?

For people of many professions, such a laptop willextremely interesting, as it meets their needs, was created for them. He, of course, can be universal, no doubt. But still, it is worth evaluating what this machine was created for - high-quality display of visual content, fast processing of both graphics and video. And in this capacity, this workstation becomes very interesting, especially against the background of kits for such work, which can cost significantly more, but are not portable.

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