New electric crossover Nissan Ariya with an autonomous travel range of 500 km and a price of up to 40 thousand dollars (7 photos + video)

One of the most serious competitors of Tesla onthe electric vehicle market, Nissan has officially unveiled a new mass-produced electric car under the Nissan Ariya brand. The first demonstration of the concept car Nissan IMx, which became the basis for the creation of Ariya, was held at the 2018 Tokyo Motor Show.

Compact electric car Nissan Leaf is already onFor 10 years it has been one of the most affordable and popular electric cars, for example, in Russia, the model occupies 83% of the electric car market. Now, with the launch of the Ariya electric SUV, Nissan plans to build on the success.

The base for the new car will be a platformRenault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. The Nissan Ariya will be available in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. It is planned to install batteries with a capacity of 65 kW or 90 kW in cars. Given the relatively small size of the Ariya (about 10 cm shorter than the Tesla Model Y), the larger version with a 90 kW battery will receive an autonomous travel radius of about 500 km on a WLTP cycle.

The total length of the Nissan Ariya will be 4595 mm, withwidth 1850 m and height 1660 mm. For comparison, you can use the Nissan X-Trai crossover, which however has a smaller wheelbase of 2706 mm versus 2775 mm in the electric SUV Ariya. The boot volume of the Nissan Ariya is 468 liters.

The electric crossover will be delivered in severalmodifications. In addition to the difference in battery capacity, the car will be equipped with engines of different power from 160 kW to 290 kW (from 215 to 389 hp). The batteries will support 130 kW CCS fast charging (Chademo Japan) and will have a highly efficient water cooling system.

Nissan Ariya control system willsupport the operation of the autopilot ProPILOT Assist 2.0, control with one pedal e-Pedal, Hey Nissan voice assistant, keyless access, remote control. The dashboard will house two 12.3-inch screens and a color projection monitor.

Nissan Ariya sales start in mid-Japan2021 year. According to a company spokesman, the new Nissan will start selling in the US "in a little over a year." The price of the car will be about 40 thousand dollars.