Samsung's new Secure Element chip for smartphone security (2 photos)

It’s hard to imagine the life of a modern personwithout a smartphone that has become the carrier of personal information that requires proper protection against hacking. Developers of smartphones and other mobile gadgets are striving in every way to increase security and ensure reliable storage of confidential data. Samsung introduced a new hardware solution chip Secure Element S3FV9RR, which increases the stability of devices and prevents the loss of personal data of users.

Samsung engineers carried out furtherimprovement of previously developed security chips introduced in February of this year. The new Secure Element S3FV9RR chip has received the Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (CC EAL) 6+ certificate.

Technical Parameters of Secure Element S3FV9RRmeet the highest standards of personal data storage, and is used in smartphones, electronic identity cards and hardware wallets for storing cryptocurrencies. The chip supports hardware trust root (RoT), secure boot, and authentication. Authentication at startup is possible using RoT. When downloading data, a phased check of all components of the operating system with confirmed keys is enabled.

According to representatives of Samsung Electronicsthe developed chip will provide the highest degree of protection and security for operations with mobile banking, during exchange operations and cryptocurrency transactions. Such a solution is especially relevant in an era of growing popularity of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and will provide the most reliable protection for confidential information stored on devices.

Developers note that the Secure Element chipS3FV9RR provides protection against hacking, as well as against unauthorized software updates. Currently, Samsung does not list smartphones in which the new chip will be installed, but claims that the S3FV9RR will hit the market in the third quarter of 2020.

Source: slashgear

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