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A new type of plastic decomposes in just 4 years

Today, plastic has become an indispensable material, fromwhich makes dishes, tools, toys - in general, almost everything that surrounds us. Its popularity is due to its low cost, strength and durability, but humanity pays a very high price for such attractive properties. Due to the abundance of plastic products that were thrown out by people into nature, hundreds of living creatures are dying today. Plastic has not decomposed for hundreds of years, so in the future our planet may turn into a huge garbage dump. To prevent this, scientists from all over the world are trying to develop a more harmless analogue, which would be equally inexpensive and durable, but decompose much faster and not poison nature by its existence. It seems that such material has finally been created.

Ordinary plastic decomposes over several hundred years, but NeCycle in just four years.

Safe plastic

The new material was described in the scientificNew Atlas Edition. The recipe for plastic, which has high strength and quick decomposition, was developed by employees of the Japanese company NEC. She is engaged in the production of electronic equipment but, apparently, she also has special laboratories for the creation of new materials. Created plastic consists of 50% plant materials, so that items made from it completely decompose in just 4 years. And this is not just a very good indicator, but even surprising - ordinary plastic retains its shape and harmful properties for several centuries!

Interesting fact: initially, plastic was created as a replacement for ivory, from which billiard balls were made

The new plastic is called NeCycle. The material is 50% cellulose, a white solid that is extracted from various plants. It easily decomposes under the influence of microorganisms that live in the soil. What the rest of the plastic consists of, the researchers do not say, but it is important that the material completely decomposes in just four years. That is, it is very similar to wood - products from birch, for example, rot in 2-3 years. This means that the developed material will harm nature much less than ordinary plastic.

It all depends on the environment, but in general the trees decompose very quickly.

Similar materials already exist, but they are createdordinary groups of scientists. For example, in 2019, the author of, Vladimir Kuznetsov, spoke about the breakthrough made by American scientists. They created an environmentally friendly material from tobacco leaves, which has the same strength as plastic. Only now such material will not begin to be used soon, because scientists have nothing to produce from them - we must look for companies that will be ready to make something out of it.

Maybe someday, tobacco leaves will save our planet

New material for technology

Based on this, in the success of the NeCycle materialI believe more. After all, it was developed by a company that has been manufacturing electronic equipment since the distant 1899. In the early years of its existence, it produced telephone equipment, and now produces projectors, monitors and other types of electronic equipment. We will not be surprised if in a short time the cases of the company's new products will be made of more environmentally friendly material than ordinary plastic.

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In the future, the company intends to sellmaterial to third parties. The new NeCycle is planned to be distributed in two forms: in the form of finished parts for various equipment and in the form of granules. These granules can be melted, poured into molds and made from the material all that is needed. If everything goes according to plan and third-party companies are interested in a new kind of plastic, by 2025 NEC will sell the material for a total of about $ 46 million.

NeCycle will be sold to other manufacturers in the form of such granules

If humanity manages to collect discardedtons of plastic and recycle it, and in the future, start using safe materials, the planet will be saved. And at the moment, the environmental situation is very deplorable - just recently I told you that plastic bags remain safe and sound even after a 20-year stay under water. In the same material you can find out what exactly is harmful plastic - some do not know that it is harmful in a variety of ways.