The new OnePlus watch will have a round display and will be released in 2024

OnePlus is preparing to release a new modelsmart watch called OnePlus Watch 2. Well-known insider Max Jambor shared information that the new product will have a round design, and its release is expected in 2024.

One interesting tidbit is that OnePlus is rumored to opt for Wear OS for its new watch.

This will be a significant difference from the first modelOnePlus Watch, which ran its own OS and was perceived by many as an "improved smart bracelet." Because of this, its sales were unsuccessful, and the company stopped producing the device back in 2022.

If OnePlus does decide to use Wear OS, it will likely be the latest version of the system - Wear OS 4 - which is already used in the Pixel Watch 2 and Samsung watches.

Source: gizmochina