The new era of GaN charging, and a pioneer in this direction - Baseus

Finding the perfect chargerturns into a serious headache for a modern person. This is due to the fact that many manufacturers provide their own requirements for fast charge recovery for their devices. To be able to simultaneously recharge several devices, you have to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect solution. This was the case before the Baseus GaN - 120W PD charger appeared on the modern market. It confidently copes with the simultaneous recharging of several smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices. You get a unique opportunity to free up a lot of outlets and get rid of annoying wires that previously enveloped your entire apartment.

A novelty of the modern market is the multi-portcharger, which, by the way, is presented at an affordable price. Its distinctive feature is increased power, the presence of several free ports for connecting gadgets, a compact and reliable case, multi-protocol compatibility, and an affordable price. Immediately after the launch of sales, this device gained a lot of fans.

Baseus engineers decided not to stop atachieved and improved their own development. They retained the advantages of the first version of the multi-protocol charger, but increased its power by an order of magnitude. The maximum output power of a single port now reaches 100 W. This will allow users to recharge even very serious devices in a short period of time. Even if several devices are connected to the charger at the same time.

On the case, you can find two characteristicType-C interface, as well as an additional USB-A interface. Even if C1 + C2 interfaces are used in parallel, the output power is maintained at 60 + 60W. You can charge two laptops at the same time without experiencing even the slightest inconvenience. As for the additional USB port, its output power level is 30 W. This is enough to recharge your smartphone or tablet computer in the shortest possible time. It is also possible to connect other compact devices to the port.

Baseus 120W GaN charger weighs less than 216grams with overall dimensions 94.8x54.8x29.6 mm. Even housed in a compact body, the device retains impressive performance. It attracts buyers with its high performance and ease of use. The device is housed in a highly durable plastic with a matte finish. The rounded edges make it look stylish and the small size makes it comfortable to hold in your hand.

When connecting multiple devices at the same time, the charger does not reduce its efficiency. Not all competitors can boast of this.

Baseus GaN is designed for active userswho are not used to sitting still and spending a lot of time waiting for their devices to recharge. They are constantly on the move and looking for solutions that can meet their expectations. Baseus GaN is one of them. The charger can be viewed as a presentation. The addressee will like such a useful gift, especially if he actively uses gadgets in his life.

Among the additional options that deservespecial attention, it is possible to indicate the presence of protection against power surges in the network. You do not have to worry about the performance of your devices. The gadget is equipped with a built-in smart chip to automatically adjust the output voltage parameter. He independently chooses the optimal value of the output voltage depending on the number and technical characteristics of smartphones and other devices connected to the charger. These features allowed the manufacturer to significantly increase the service life of the new product and make its work more efficient.

Among the advantages of the novelty over similar solutions presented on the modern market are:
• compatibility with most portable devices;
• stylish and ergonomic design;
• ease of use and transportation;
• operational safety, confirmed by a number of international certificates;
• the use of high-strength plastic ABC for the manufacture of a housing that is resistant to mechanical and temperature influences;
• resistance to power surges in the network;
• the ability to adjust the value of the output voltage using an intelligent chip;
• maintaining the high-speed charging function.

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