The new price of the Russian electric car Zetta will be 550 thousand rubles

Russian automaker from Togliatti companyZetta LLC promises to bring a domestic electric car to the market this year. The company's immediate plans were disclosed by the head of Zetta Denis Shchurovsky, who, among other things, announced the market price for the basic electric car, which is 550 thousand rubles. Initially, the cost of the car, announced in November last year, was supposed to be 450 thousand rubles.

The company's director said in a statement thatthe cost of 550 thousand rubles for the base model Zetta at 10 kW / h in eco mode and an autonomous driving range of 180 km, calculated according to the business plan of the enterprise. For comparison, Shchurovsky cited Chinese electric vehicles offered on the market at a similar price with government subsidies, which have an autonomous travel radius of only 100 km.

Earlier it was reported that charging the Zetta electric carcan be carried out from various energy sources from 220-380 W sockets to transformers. At present, 570 million rubles have already been spent on the project for the production of Zetta cars in Togliatti, but to continue the work, according to the director of Zetta, another 100 million rubles are required. It is planned to produce up to 15 thousand electric cars a year.