The Germans have developed a weapon to fight the Russian Armata tanks (2 photos + video)

The confrontation between the armor of tanks and the power of guns comes outto a new level. The creation by the tank industry of Russia and China of new tanks with increased survivability and high protection prompted the NATO leadership to think about replacing the traditional 120 mm tank gun with a more powerful one.

An alternative to those installed on the M1 Abrams andLeclerc tank guns can be developed by the German concern Rheinmetall tank smoothbore gun caliber 130 mm. Experimental firing tests of the gun are currently underway, which were shown on YouTube on the official Rheinmetall channel.

The Germans chose an English tank for testing.Challenger 2, on which the gun was installed. At the same time, experts believe that the main tank for the 130 mm gun will be a promising tank, developed jointly by France and Germany, which is to replace the French Leclerc and German Leopard 2 vehicles.

In a new generation tank gun, Germanengineers used an automatic loading system, abandoning the classic manual one. Despite the lack of data on the armor penetration of the gun, it is known that an increase in caliber can increase the firepower of a tank by 50% compared to the tanks in service.

Source: naked-science