Neural Network Restores Video Conversation With Buffalo Bill And Sioux Chief Of Iron Tail

Artificial Intelligence Actively Helpshumanity to get acquainted with its past. Enthusiasts, artists and scientists have recently restored portraits of prominent personalities with the help of neural networks, modeled the image of a person from the Stone Age and demonstrated a possible view of the “revived” Statue of Liberty. Another use of high technology was the restoration by artist Matt Lafrey using the power of the neural networks of a video clip of the William Cody show called “Buffalo Bill” with the leader of the Oglal-Lakota tribe (Sioux tribe), nicknamed “Iron Tail”.

Video “Meet Buffalo Bill and Iron Leader“Tail” was shot more than a century ago in 1910 and was reproduced in the original at a speed slightly below 19 frames per second. After working through the video using artificial intelligence, the video can be viewed at a modern speed of 71 frames per second.

Technologies of the beginning of the last century provideduse during shooting a manual mechanism for moving film. As a result, it was impossible to ensure uniform rotation speed, which gave rise to jerks during the reproduction of the chronicles of those years.

Presented at the exhibition "My Colorful Past"(My colorful past) Matt Lafrey's original video recording of Buffalo Bill has a duration of less than a minute. The neural network algorithm worked on the primary video material for 40 hours and created thousands of new frames to ensure smooth, jerky video.

Source: livescience