Neural networks restored the images of Napoleon, Van Gogh, as well as the statues of Liberty and Dumgai from the Duma

Receiving a powerful artificialintelligence, enthusiasts began to immediately test the capabilities of neural networks in solving the most exotic problems. More recently, the AI ​​demonstrated the dynamic smile of the winking Mona Lisa, and the Reddit user under the nickname @ basu68 is already in a hurry to unveil the external image of the Statue of Liberty, Napoleon and the criminal from the Wild West, recreated using all the power of the latest technology.

The way to restore photographic imageshistorical, mythical and technogenic characters are not original. The neural network receives at its disposal all the known images of a particular actor, on the basis of which the image of the character most optimal from the point of view of AI is created. Portraits, old blurry photographs, as well as images of statues and graphic drawings are used. The neural network does not know how to work with clothes, so in the reconstructed images, things borrowed from the original pictures are used.

As a result, based on one well-known sciencephotographs of Van Gogh at the age of 19, numerous self-portraits and a portrait created by another master, a completely recognizable photographic image of an outstanding artist was recreated.

Based on the well-known portraits, a photograph was also generated of the British Queen Elizabeth I, whose reign in the sixteenth century brought England to the rank of superpower of that time.

Emperor Napoleon, who repeatedly redrawed the map of Europe, was recreated on the basis of the most famous portraits of his time.

The gallery @ basu68 along with outstanding personalitiesCriminal Billy Kid, who was shot by a sheriff at the age of 21, appears during the prosecution for numerous murders. The image of one of the first criminals put on the federal wanted list in the United States was recreated on the basis of a single photograph.

Moving from the real to the mythical and game world, AI was able to recreate the appearance of the Statue of Liberty, the model of which, according to legend, became the widow of the founder of the famous company Singer.

The biblical king David, who was preparing to plunge Goliath, embodied in the sculpture by the famous Michelangelo, got his photo.

Also recently Artbreeder neural networkgave a gift to gamers at one time addicted to the famous Doom series. AI created a photo of the main character of the shooter - the marine Dumgai, known as the Executioner of Doom.