Workers dissatisfied with wages ransacked iPhone factory (video)

IPhone manufacturing plant operated byTaiwanese tech giant Wistron Corporation in Narsapura (about 60 km from Bangalore) was attacked on Saturday by employees unhappy with the amount of paid salaries.

Most of the nearly 2,000 employees leavingthe enterprise, after completing the night shift, raged, destroying furniture, assembly units of the company and even trying to set fire to cars. Senior police officers, along with additional personnel from other areas, arrived at the scene.

On the videos that were filmed by the riotersDuring the pogrom, group leaders were seen smashing windows and doors, overturning cars, and attacking senior executives' offices.

According to information received from the riotersreporters learned that the engineering graduate was originally promised 21,000 rupees a month ($ 285), his salary dropped first to 16,000 ($ 217) and then to 12,000 rupees ($ 163) in recent months. The monthly wages of non-technical workers fell to Rs 8,000 ($ 108). It is noteworthy that some of the workers who ransacked the plant claimed that only 500 rupees ($ 6.79) were transferred to their account.

Karnataka: #Violence at iPhone production plant run by Taiwan-based #Wistron Corp at Narasapura (in Kolar district) near #Bengaluru.

Employees allege they have not been paid properly.

- TOI Bengaluru (@TOIBengaluru) December 12, 2020
The Narasapur plant specialized inmanufacturing of Apple iPhoneSE smartphones, Internet of Things (IOT) products and biotech devices. It is currently unknown how the riot will affect the production of Apple smartphones.

Source: patentlyapple