IPhone has a new secret button (2 photos)

The excitement around new models entering the marketApple smartphones, distracted attention from the extraordinary innovation in iOS14, according to experts, blurring the lines between hardware and software. The introduction of the new Back Tap feature converts the entire back of the iPhone into one large button.

From now on, the back of the iPhone running underiOS14 becomes a giant touch-sensitive button that lets you double-tap or triple-tap certain functions on your smartphone. The Back Tap feature is activated in the Apple Accessibility Settings menu (Settings → Accessibility → Touch → Back Tap).

The main purpose of Back Tap is to expandcapabilities of the user when working with the device. Among the options that are available by clicking on the back panel when the Back Tap function is activated, the following can be distinguished: switching between applications, access to the notifications and control center menus, the function of scrolling the Internet pages, calling Siri and a screenshot. Using Back Tap will also give you access to the Quick Commands menu, which will greatly simplify your user experience.

Source: theverge