Doom computer game launched on electronic pregnancy test (video)

Popular shooter Doom enthusiasts launched ona wide variety of devices appearing on the market - an oscilloscope, an ATM screen, a printer panel and a smart watch. However, the latest trick of Twitter user Foone allowed scenes from Doom, as well as a video from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, to be played on an electronic pregnancy test screen. True, for a full-fledged game, the enthusiast had to try a little and make some changes to the design of a specific gadget.

The idea of ​​disassembling an electronic test was directedto study the process of monitoring and identifying pregnancy with a test, which costs several times more than a traditional device with two strips. During the dismantling, it was found that the performance of mathematical calculations built into the tester 8-bit Holtek HT48R065B microcontroller (8 bits, 64 bytes of memory and a frequency of 8 MHz) is higher than that of the world's first personal computers produced by IBM.

Meanwhile, for a full-fledged Doom launch onIn the pregnancy tester, the engineer had to make design changes. The screen has been replaced since the original is only capable of displaying 4 pre-programmed screens. Installed OLED screen (128 × 32). The microcontroller itself was also replaced, since the original one could not be reprogrammed. A computer was used as a power source. As a result, the enthusiast was able to reproduce the Doom gameplay and the first scenes from The Elder Scrolls on a monochrome screen placed in the tester.

It is noteworthy that in the electronic test forpregnancy, as in the usual, a paper strip is installed, treated with a special reagent. The electronic filling of the tester simply reads the changes on the strip and displays the result on the screen, while eliminating the human factor from the process of determining the fact of pregnancy.

Source: twitter