The jewelry found 400 times more bacteria than the toilet seat (4 photos)

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic spursscientists to identify especially dangerous objects on which dangerous bacteria and viruses can accumulate. A study by Est1897 has shown that jewelry and watches can pose a threat many times greater than an object such as a toilet lid. It turned out that 428 times more bacteria accumulate on jewelry that has not been cleaned for a week than on a toilet seat.

According to polls, over 60 percent of Britons do notclean their jewelry. Meanwhile, a study of the surface of rings, earrings and wristwatches conducted by Est1897 showed that up to 21 thousand bacteria accumulate on them in a week.

A huge number of harmful bacteria have collectedrings with 504 bacterial colonies, one fungal colony and one black mold colony. Pathogenic bacilli causing food poisoning and 485 bacterial colonies were found on the earrings. The watch, which can accumulate dirt in the links of the bracelet and do not enter the handwashing area, contained 20,020 colonies of bacteria.

Source: dailymail