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In fact, Everest is not the tallest mountain in the world.

How we were all taught, remember? Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on our planet. But no! In fact, this is not the case and there is a mountain higher than Everest, but who cares when there is an ingrained opinion and even well-established phrases. One "conquest of Everest" is worth something. By the way, because of its forced glory, the mountain suffers greatly. Let me try to dispel myths and tell you that in fact the highest mountain in the world is a completely different peak, and at the same time I will explain why it so happened that we lived in ignorance for so many years. Perhaps the truth will again be somewhere in the middle and everyone will become a little more clear where exactly.

Many people want to climb this beauty.


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Who was the first to climb Everest

The first people to conquer the summit of Mount Everest were Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. They did it on May 29, 1953... By that time, the mountain had already been named Everest by the name of the explorer who discovered it. At the same time, he himself was opposed to giving his name to the grief, but it turned out as it happened.

Since the conquest of the coveted peak, hundreds andthousands of tourists were able to climb it. Dozens of times more people have tried, but never succeeded. All this could not but affect the ecology of the region. The mountain was just turned into a heap ... well, you get the idea. Here and there garbage is lying around, waste of life is everywhere and much more that a person leaves behind, including trampled paths and felled trees / shrubs.

It simply cannot be clean in such places.

All due to the fact that the mountain bears the title of itselfhighest in the world and only this name, like a puddle of syrup, flock to someone to prove something. Only in reality they do not conquer the highest mountain in the world, if measured by other, in some ways even more correct, values.

The highest mountain in the world

The highest mountain on Earth is Chimborazo. It is a stratovolcano in Ecuador. What are stratovolcanoes, I talked about in a separate article, where I also talked about the most powerful eruptions in history.

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Chimborazo is part of Andes mountain range... It can be considered the highest mountain due tothe fact that its top is farthest from the center of the Earth. Consequently, it is she who is the highest mountain in terms of distance, and not any conditional measurements.

This is Chimborazo.

If, as in the case of Everest, measure from sea level, then the height Chimborazo will be 2,600 meters lower Tibetan giant. Its height is only 6,248 meters versus 8,848 meters at Everest.

Since the Earth is not flat, although many really want to believe it, it has a discrepancy in size at the equator and at the poles. That is, it is a little flattened, so to speak.

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Technically, this leads to the fact that at the equatorthe mountains are higher, even if they have the same height relative to the world sea level as they are closer to the poles. It just so happened that Chimborazo is as close to the equator, while Everest is located as much as 28 degrees north.

Difference between the tallest mountains in the world

So how much is one mountain higher than the other, you ask, and you will be right. If measured from the center of the Earth, then the distance between it and the summit of Everest is 6 382 kilometers, for Chimborazo this indicator is 6 385 kilometers... This is enough to coverthe difference mentioned above. As a result, Chimborazo is the highest mountain on Earth. Moreover, Everest will not even descend to second place, but much lower, giving way to mountains closer to the equator.

The height of the mountain formally depends on its position relative to the equator.

In fact, this cannot be called news, sohow some scientific publications published information about Chimborazo back in 2007. But why, then, is Everest still so loved and revered by everyone as the highest mountain in the world? And at the same time they strive to climb it.

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How to climb Everest

Perhaps the reason for this is the desire of climbers to set themselves a big challenge, because conquering Everest is much more difficult. In order to just start doing this, you need approximately 10 days get to base camp. In the camp you will need to spend six weeks in order to acclimatize. During this time, an ascent plan is also drawn up and physical training is carried out. Only after passing these two stages will it be possible to make the ascent itself, which will take nine days and it will be very difficult.

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For comparison, before climbing Chimborazoacclimatization takes only two weeks, and the ascent itself takes only two days. The difference is more than tangible. Against the backdrop of climbing Everest, climbing Chimborazo looks like just an easy walk that you can take during your vacation.

This mountain has taken many lives.

This can be considered the reason for the popularityEverest, but at the same time the fact that when measured from sea level, it really is the highest. If you adhere to this particular position and can prove it in our Telegram chat, then it will be interesting for you that Chimborazo is not just below Everest when measuring height from sea level, but is not even the highest peak in the Andes, yielding Mount Aconcagua as much as 713 meters (its height is 6,961 meters above sea level).

All this is further proof that everything inthe world is relatively. Well, if you have already booked a guide who will take you to Everest, decide whether to climb Chimborazo as well. Let the highest mountain be behind you for sure.