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On the surface of Mars are "human bones" and other objects - what is it?

If you look at photos for a long time and carefullysurface of Mars, one can notice many interesting things. Just look at the image that was taken on August 14, 2014 by the Curiosity apparatus. Among the Martian stones, one can clearly see something similar to the bone of a human thigh. Recently, this photograph began to be published again in foreign newspapers, accompanied by articles that life could exist on the Red Planet once upon a time. In fact, photographs with suspicious objects on a distant planet can count a dozen - people noticed a metal spoon on them, even the silhouette of a snowman. Of course, all this is just a fantasy of conspiracy theories. But could it be that on one of these frames there really are traces of extraterrestrial civilizations?

The same "bone" on the surface of Mars

Mysterious photos of Mars

Potential traces of aliens, if desired,can be found on almost any photograph of Mars. One of the very first mysterious shots was sent to Earth in 1976 by the Viking-1 spacecraft. The image shows the Martian region of Kydonia, on the territory of which attentive people discovered something that looked like a human face. The so-called “Face on Mars” immediately began to be considered a sign that in ancient times intelligent creatures lived on the planet we were studying. In entertainment magazines, articles began to appear with theories that this person was part of a statue that aliens could build.

"Face on Mars" was discovered in 1976

This myth was completely dispelled only in 2001.the year the Mars Global Surveyor sent a higher resolution photo of this area. It turned out that the weak camera of the Viking-1 station distorted the frame so much that the play of light and shadow created the image of a human face. In fact, the region of Kydonia simply consists of many rocks, in which there is practically nothing interesting. In general, boredom.

“Face on Mars” in high resolution

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Bigfoot on Mars

But the human imagination never calmed down. In 2019, Scott Waring found a seated Bigfoot in one photograph. He assured that the alien creature has a face, eyes and hands. He also assured that the entire surface of Mars is strewn with various objects and the planet looks like a huge museum. There are a lot of followers about this “space detective” and similar dreamers who also find surprising in their opinion objects in the photographs.

Does this look like a snowman silhouette?

So, attentive internet users oncefound a spoon floating in the air in a photograph of Mars. An unusual image was sent to Earth by the Curiosity apparatus on August 30, 2015. After discovering an object atypical for a distant planet, lovers of an alien search instantly spread their theory on the Internet. NASA space agency, of course, found out about this, and dispelled the theory of finding traces of alien civilizations in two sentences:

There is no spoon on Mars. This strange figure was created by the Martian wind.

"Spoon" on Mars

In the same way, the myth of the human bone on Mars was dispelled, and back in 2014:

Stone taken by the Curiosity roverreally looks like a hip bone. Members of the mission’s research team believe that the stone took this form under the influence of wind, NASA space agency officials said.

Creation of nature

All this is true, because stones and rockscan wind off for millions of years and take the most unusual forms. Given that once upon a time there could have been liquid water on Mars, unusual outlines could also have been created by river flows. So, the existence of various “sculptures” on the Red Planet is nothing special. What can I say, there are similar works of art even on our planet - you just look at the photos of the so-called "Garden of the Gods" in the US state of Colorado. What turns out, these huge stones were also set on top of each other by alien civilizations? No - nature created them with the help of wind, rains and other phenomena.

"Garden of the Gods" also built by aliens? Hardly

And the tendency of people to see faces, silhouettes and othersfigures in completely ordinary things is called pareidolia. Right now, take a look at the clouds, murals or a patterned carpet on the floor, and you will surely find outlines of fabulous creatures. Some people claim that they saw dead people in ghost houses and other evil spirits - these are also just optical illusions.

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My colleague Vladimir Kuznetsov mentioned this phenomenon in 2019 in a material about the detection of insects on Mars. Yes, human imagination has no limits - I advise you to read.