Work has begun on creating the smart city of Akon City, with its own cryptocurrency (4 photos)

The idea of ​​creating Africa's first smart citybelongs to the famous American singer Akon (Akon) having a Senegalese origin. The first message about the start of work on the Akon City project was released back in 2018, and this winter the singer announced his intention to begin construction on a 2,000-acre site located near Dakar, the capital of Senegal. The land was donated to Akon by President Maki Sall.

Now in June 2020, officially announcedThe signing of a partnership agreement between the American consulting engineering firm KE International and Akon City. The $ 6 billion contract will be funded by US investors, and will focus on the design, construction, and operation of a smart city.

One of the features of the city will be the use ofon its territory is its own cryptocurrency AKoin, which, according to the organizers, initiates the process of promoting digital money and blockchain technology on the African continent.

The first phase of the project will be completed by 2023 andwill include the construction of a power plant, hospital, roads, shops and a school. By 2029, the second stage will be launched, during which a college, university, police stations, an industrial complex and a stadium will be built in the city. All businesses in Akon City will use AKoin cryptocurrency.

Akon City will fully work onrenewable energy sources. Full completion is scheduled for 2030. As conceived by the founder, Akon City will be the second African city to be fully certified according to the Leader in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. The first city with LEED certification is in Kenya, called the Medical and Technological City of Mwale (MMTC) is also built with the help of KE International.

Find out more about Akon Citywill become known after the approval of the project. While it is assumed that the cryptocurrency city will receive a man-made lake with walking terraces, as well as skyscraper towers similar to the futuristic Leeza Soho buildings in Beijing, designed by Zaha Hadid.

Along with Akon, Senegal’s state-owned travel agency SAPCO is a co-organizer of the Akon City project, planning to launch new tourist routes through a futuristic city.

Source: archpaper