Apple AirPods headphones explode right in man’s ear

The use of electronic products little knowncompanies always pose a threat to health and material well-being. Previously, it was known about the frequent explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, but Apple products have always been reliable. Nevertheless, a problem arose with the famous Apple wireless headphones.

Earlier explosions of headphones were generally reportedrarely. The incident is reported in the Chinese service Weibo. Allegedly, on May 19, the 23-year-old Zheng Tang blew up an AirPods earpiece during a conversation and the user received minor injuries to his right ear.

In confirmation of the message is a photoa medical report from a hospital in Zhengzhou, which indicates that a rupture of the skin of the front wall of the young man’s right ear canal occurred as a result of an explosion. Zheng Tang underwent surgical treatment and was examined twice by doctors.

However, the photos of the exploded AirPods do notthere were clear signs of fire or charring, but only a noticeable crack. The ill-fated AirPods was purchased at an Apple dealership in Wanda for 1,276 yuan (about $ 180). Apple has taken the device for further investigation. The client will receive compensation in accordance with applicable laws if it is determined that the product has quality problems.

Source: gizmochina