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How much have older people's lives improved over the past 30 years?

Hundreds of years ago, human life expectancy was much shorter than it is now. In those days, living to 30 years old was already considered a great achievement, but today some people can last even up to 100 years old... Sounds great, but what about older people?do they feel it? After all, it may be that they have been suffering from diseases for several decades and there is no particular joy for them in a long life? Finnish scientists have recently begun to figure out how today's people feel in old age. They had at their disposal the results of tests that elderly people took about 30 years ago. They gathered a new group of volunteers and gave them the same tests. It turned out that today's elderly people feel much better than the representatives of the previous generation. They are healthier than them both psychologically and physiologically. But there are some nuances.

The study found that today's older people are healthier. But why?

Elderly health

About the results of the studytold Science Alert. Scientists have already done similar research, but the results have been mixed. If you believe them, in the past, older people were more physically developed than they are now. But at the same time, the mental abilities, walking speed and work of the cardiovascular system of modern grandfathers and grandmothers turned out to be much better. Researchers from Finland decided to conduct their own experiment because they had one advantage over other groups of scientists. They have at their disposal the results of various tests that were carried out 30 years ago on people between the ages of 75 and 80. If you do the same research today, you will notice clear differences.

A more carefree childhood makes people healthier

The fact that old age began to reachmore people, no doubt about it. Most likely, decades ago, a group of 80-year-olds was problematic. Today, this should not be a problem. But how healthy are older people of different generations? After all, you can be a famous long-liver, but at the same time you no longer feel the delights of life due to the abundance of health problems. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) even introduced such a concept as “the expected duration healthy life ". Since then, there has been a difference between ordinary old age and old age with excellent health. Many people strive to live longer, but also to maintain mental and physical health.

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The secret to longevity and health

The research has shown that modern elderly people are really smarter and more physically active than representatives of previous generations... Researchers believe that a large role in thisplayed the absence of wars and a higher standard of living. Several decades ago, people lived their last years, whose youth passed during the World War. Then people were starving, and the level of education was low - this could greatly undermine their health. And the youth of today's elderly people went relatively well, because there was no such hunger, and anyone could get an education.

Your health is also affected by stress levels

It is important to note that the study resultsonly apply to residents of Finland. It is difficult to say how well the elderly in Russia and other countries are doing on the basis of the data obtained. However, if you consider that the life of the previous generation of elderly people also had serious difficulties like the Great Patriotic War, we can say that today's old people should also feel better. But the history of Russia and Finland is different, and scientists from our and other countries should also conduct a similar experiment.

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It should be borne in mind that today people canworsen your health for completely different reasons. Today, smoking is considered a big problem for health care - both men and women have a bad habit. Also today, people suffer not from lack of food, but from its abundance. After all, fast food products have flooded almost the entire market today and provoke the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and obesity. Well, do not forget about the harmful effects of inadequate sleep and low physical activity of people. All these factors can significantly impair the quality of life of not only the elderly, but also young people.