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An unidentified object flew over Japan. What is it?

Something is constantly happening over our heads. Usually, this is something natural and familiar, like the flight of birds and planes. But sometimes people notice completely unexpected "guests" in the sky. On Friday, August 21, 2020, the people of Japan had a chance to see a huge burning ball, which for a moment appeared in the sky and went out above the earth's surface. It would seem that there is nothing unusual in this - in the atmosphere of our planet, one or another space object often burns out and this phenomenon just looks like a fireball flying across the sky. But, in this particular case, the researchers have no definite answer as to what exactly flew through the Japanese sky. Some people, as is often the case in such cases, assume that humanity was able to see the activity of extraterrestrial intelligence. The most realistic version says that this is an ordinary meteorite. But what other versions are there?

No, this is not the Sun, but an unidentified object over Japan

Meteorite in Japan

The news of an unidentified object in the skyshared the Japanese edition of Japan News. The fireball was visible to the inhabitants of the Japanese island of Honshu at 22.30 local time, on the territory of which Tokyo, Hiroshima and other famous cities are located. The bright object flew from right to left and went out over the surface of the Earth. Eyewitnesses filmed the event on smartphones and video recorders, so there are already a lot of videos with an unexpected guest on the Internet. For example, the following video was shot by 34-year-old Daichi Fujii, curator of astronomy at the museum in the Japanese city of Hiratsuka.

さ き ほ ど 、 非常 に 明 る い 大 火球 が 流 れ ま し た。 2020 年 8 月 21 日 22 時 33 分 に 流 れ た 火球 を 、 平 塚 か ら 南 の 空 に た け た 広 角 で メ 広 角 で メ同時 観 測 は 成立 し て い ま せ ん。

- 藤井 大地 (@ dfuji1) August 21, 2020

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None of the scientists can yet explain exactlywhat exactly the inhabitants of Japan happened to observe. The most plausible version says that a fragment of a meteorite fell to the ground. This is the name of any cosmic body that managed to reach the surface of the Earth. To be more precise, people observed a meteor - a phenomenon in which an object that reaches our planet burns up in the atmosphere. If the fireball shone faintly, scientists would mistake it for an ordinary "shooting star". However, the object glowed very strongly, so adherents of the popular version call it fireball.

Bolide Is a large and very bright meteorite. Especially bright fireballs are called superbolides.

The above version is the most trusted,because recently such a ball of fire has already flown over Japan. This happened on July 2 near the Japanese city of Chiba. Two weeks after this event, fragments of a meteorite were found in the Japanese city of Narashino.

Chiba Meteorite Fragments

According to Daichi Fuji, the new meteorite was like thisas bright as that one month ago. To make it clearer, the brightness of celestial objects can be compared to the brightness of the moon on a dark night. The place where the mysterious object fell has not yet been found, and it is unlikely that anyone will search for it. Most likely, the space object fell into the Pacific Ocean. And finding it in the depths of water is almost impossible, and is it worth it? It is unlikely that he is anything interesting.

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However, if a meteorite fell on land, it probablyformed a crater and one day it will be found. At the site of the fall of cosmic bodies, meteorite lakes are sometimes formed and there are a lot of them on our planet. Recently I already talked about one of them - a perfectly round lake called Lonar. It has been attracting the attention of tourists for many years because it regularly changes its color. Recently, the change in shade occurred very quickly and scientists were not immediately able to explain the reason for this phenomenon. But the answer was still found and you can find it out in this material.

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Conspiracy theories

As with many similar cases, some peoplebelieve they have seen signs of an alien invasion. Such theories were not uncommon in 2013, after the fall of the Chelyabinsk meteorite. For example, adherents of incredible assumptions said that the object that fell on the capital of the South Urals was the "lifeboat" of the crashed spacecraft. Fans of conspiracy theories again claimed that the remains of the escape pod were found, but they were not shown to ordinary people. And the found fragments of the meteorite, of course, they practically did not take into account. But these fragments were then sold for very impressive money on trading floors.