The soft Newton-Rider helmet protects the cyclist's head (2 photos)

Bicycles are becoming more populara means of transportation along the highways of modern megalopolises loaded with motor transport. Cyclists' safety is ensured by special helmets, which in many cases are bulky and inconvenient to use. Newton-Rider has developed a padded helmet that is fundamentally different from the traditional helmets often ignored by cyclists.

Newton-Rider helmet design providesan instant increase in surface rigidity upon impact. To realize this property, the inner surface of the helmet is made from flexible stretchable liners connected to the outer parts, created from a patented combination of viscoelastic materials and non-Newtonian fluid.

The helmet from Newton-Rider is compact enough thatdoes not create problems during its operation. The helmet weighs 460 grams and is only 16 mm thick, unlike traditional styrofoam bicycle helmets, which are up to 35 mm thick.

At the moment of impact, the surface of the helmet instantlybecomes rigid to absorb energy from a collision and protect the user's head from injury. Some time after the collision, the surface of the helmet becomes flexible again.

Newton-Rider helmet has already received a Europeansafety certificate according to EN 1078 standard and in early 2021 will receive the US safety certificate - CPSC. The helmet also has a built-in NFC sensor that allows you to identify the owners and, using a special application, allows you to stimulate a ride with a helmet on.

The Newton-Rider project is currently presentedon Indiegogo, where you can pre-order it for $ 80. The helmet will retail for about $ 115.

Source: kickstarter