Quin Quest Motorcycle Smart Helmet Will Protect Wearer And Report Emergency

Practical, made from modernmaterials, a smart helmet for motorcyclists that will independently call for help in an emergency, developed and marketed by Quin Design. The new helmet, called the Quin Quest, will replenish the outfit of fans of extreme recreation and fans of long trips on motorcycles. Emergency calls are made thanks to the Bluetooth module built into the helmet, which allows the device to send an SOS signal on the air via the user's smartphone in case of an accident.

Quin Quest is based onhydrocarbon fiber that significantly increases the strength of the helmet. An efficient ventilation system, removable inner liners and an integrated drop-down quick release sun visor ensure comfortable operation of the Quin Quest.

The Bluetooth system is built inside the helmet and hasa small control panel on the left side with five small buttons. All wiring, modules and batteries are hidden from users. However, the lack of removable modules complicates the process of recharging the helmet somewhat, when it must be fully delivered to a charger with USB input. Communication is provided via the user's smartphone. Using the controls displayed on the helmet, the user will be able to make calls and control multimedia applications on the smartphone.

In the event of an accident, Quin Quest triggersbuilt-in collision detection system. If the system is not turned off, then after a while it will send push notifications, emails and SMS messages directed to the addresses listed for emergency situations.

For extreme situations also providedSOS beacon function, activated after pressing three times and sending alarm messages to the same contacts and transmitting the exact coordinates of the user. Both warning systems are designed to use telephone communications, which makes it impossible for them to work when traveling in areas remote from civilization. The helmet weighs 1750 grams, and the price is $ 699 by prior order. The start of sales is scheduled for December 2020.

Source: quin