Brelyon monitor simulates a large screen (video)

Modern systems that ensure the creationthe effect of presence (immersive systems) are equipped with massive IMAX screens, virtual and augmented reality headsets. Despite the impressive visual effect, such systems have several disadvantages. For example, wearing a 200 gram augmented reality mask for 6.5 hours (the average time a modern person spends at a computer) will cause significant fatigue and discomfort.

Move away from traditional usageImmersive systems have been tried by electronic engineer Barmak Heshmat, co-founder of Brelyon displays in San Mateo, California. The company, whose name translates from Persian as "cut diamond", plans to produce monitors with dimensions of 13 x 30 inches, simulating viewing images from a 122-inch screen from a distance of 140 centimeters.

On-screen immersive imagewill receive a viewing angle of 101 degrees and a resolution from 4K to 8K with a high frame rate. According to the inventor, the user will receive an image on one screen comparable in size to the picture on six 32-inch monitors.

Brelyon's innovative displays createa three-dimensional image that recreates a field of light rays moving from each point in all directions of three-dimensional space. Brelyon monitors are bent both vertically and horizontally, which ensures the concentration of the light flux at the point located in front of the screen, where the user should be.

The increase in the projection angles of the image occursdue to the curvature of the screen, which provides the illusion of a large screen. Thus, screens from Brelyon will create an immersive effect without the need for multiple screens and a special VR and AR headset that tires the user.

Unlike curved screens, previouslyoffered by Samsung and LG, the new Brelyon monitors will allow video viewing from a much closer distance, and the Brelyon light field creates a much larger image emulation.

Source: ieee