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Can you drive a million kilometers in an electric car?

In November 2019, a driver from Germany installedworld record, having driven more than a million kilometers in the world's most popular electric car Tesla Model S. Agree, it is not too often you can see a car covering a million kilometers, unless it is a taxi, for example. And even less often, such a run can be seen on an electric car. Nevertheless, Hans Jörg Gemmingen drove more than 1 million kilometers in his Tesla Model S in just five years, for which he entered the Guinness Book of Records. Gemmingen acquired Tesla in 2014 with a range of 30,000 kilometers. Before the purchase, the car was used exclusively for test drives. The next goal of the ambitious driver is to overcome the 1.6 million kilometers mark in the Tesla S P85, and, apparently, he is already close to the goal.

The same Model S with over a million kilometers

Tesla Model S in the Guinness Book of Records

To better introduce you to the main character of thishistory, we note that the last few years, 53-year-old Hans Jörg Gemmingen tops the Tesla world ranking with the largest number of kilometers traveled. According to the driver himself, he drives 600 kilometers every day as a hobby. Nevertheless, the Spanish Hybridos y Electricos writes that the average number of kilometers traveled since the purchase of a car is about 500 kilometers per day, which, in principle, does not change the essence of the matter, since Hans travels a lot in Europe.

It is not surprising that an electric car with suchimpressive mileage needed repairs. Thus, the factory battery was replaced under warranty with a mileage of 290,000 kilometers. Six months and 150,000 kilometers later, the battery had to be replaced again, but the last, current battery has already passed the mark of more than 500,000 kilometers. But the frequent replacement of motors was associated with design flaws in the first series of Tesla electric motors.

As Gemmingham states on his Twitter, ohHe takes care of the battery in the most appropriate way, preferably by charging the electric car at home, and also maintaining the charge level between 10% and 90%. At the same time, the driver avoids high speeds and sudden accelerations on highways and highways in order not to overheat the battery unnecessarily.

Tesla's warranty includes eight years of service with no kilometer limit for engine and battery.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk dances with excitement at the January 2020 launch event in Shanghai. Photo: Reuters

Proper care will certainly helpthe durability of any car, and in this particular case, the battery undergoes a slight degradation - a common feature of Tesla batteries - and continues to operate at half a million kilometers. With electric motors, however, a problem arose - in total Gemmingen used four different motors (including the current one).

In general, maintenance of an electric vehiclecost about 13,000 euros: the front axle was completely repaired, the battery cooling parts (control units and fans) were replaced, a new touch screen with a computer was installed, the door handles were fixed, the rear shock absorber was replaced and the 12-volt battery was replaced twice.

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In an interview with Build, Gemmingen said thatalso traveled just over 630,000 kilometers in an old Tesla Roadster, at a time when fast charging technology was not yet available. Despite the fact that the driver has already entered the Guinness Book of Records, he assured that his next task is to overcome the 1.6 million kilometers barrier. Well, we have no doubt that this will happen soon and we wish Hans good luck!

New Tesla 2020

Back in May, Tesla representatives announced plansto introduce a new, low-cost, long-life battery in its Tesla Model 3 sedan. Improved versions of the million mile battery were developed in collaboration with the Chinese company Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd (CATL) and were to be presented at the Battery Day event, dedicated to new technologies in the production of batteries for electric vehicles.

in Russia Model 3 was the first to receive the head of the Moscow Tesla Club Alexey Eremchuk. He managed to buy an electric car from one of the Tesla employees.

According to Vedomosti, Elon Musk made a presentation on September 22, however, contrary to expectations, the new Million Miles were not presented. Recall that batteries are the most expensive component of electric vehicles, and hopes for the rapid development of the electric transport market rest against the relatively low capacity of batteries and the high cost of their production.

During the presentation, others were items, in particular the production of an electric car, worth 2 million rubles. Read more in a fascinating article by my colleague Ramis Ganiev. Musk also stated his desire to supply electricity to consumers and businesses, but did not provide details.